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Uzimon takes UK and Europe by storm

Uzimon takes UK and Europe by storm
Uzimon takes UK and Europe by storm

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Home-grown reggae talent Uzimon has been making strides in the UK and Europe since signing to Boom Agency. 

Uzi, aka Daniel Frith, is currently looking forward to a summer performing on the live music festival scene sharing the stage with the likes of Chronixx and Jimmy Cliff. 

We caught up with him.

How did you hook up with Boom Artists Agency?

We signed with Boom back in September. Dreadsquad (well known Polish Artist/Producer/DJ) linked with us online and then turned Boom Agency on to us. We had a few booking agents before, but we felt this was the right match. They loved UZIMON, and they understood our style and mission. The endorsement from Ban-Ki-Moon (Secretary General of UN) also didn’t hurt in solidifying my legitimacy to them. He is fairly well nuff-respected.  

How has the partnership enhanced your success as an artist?

All of our stats show big presence and growing inna UK and Europe. Boom is doing a phenomenon-one phenomenal job with our promotion. Di UK and European market love reggae and just a understand we style, ya know? West Coast American Reggae scene is big, but too much patchouli for UZIMON. Boom have booked us on some major festivals and stages and linked us with some big DJs. As Garnet (Silk) would say..It’s Growing....

How does it feel knowing you will be sharing the stage with Chronixx and Jimmy Cliff?

One of the festivals we play is Boomtown Fair, on the Trenchtown Stage. (Collie Buddz has graced this in previous years). You should probably ax Chronixxx and Mr Cliff how they will feel sharing the stage wid me, as it will be a  big deal for them. I’m sure they are up every night just thinking about it. I will feel happy but also nothing at the same time, as I am the world’s most famous
big-time celebrity. 

What funds do you need and how do you plan to raise them?

We need 700,000 cents and this is to cover plane tickets fi mi and di band dem, and to cover pre-emtemptive court costs when I inevitably get arrested in a foreign country. You have to set goals. 

Are these all paid gigs? Do you see the music edging towards something you can earn your living out of?

Yeah mon, di gigs dem pay well criss for a brand new act breaking in that market. UK/Euro scene pay and treat artists way better than American circuit. Also, in UK dem have a ting called Marmite. I’ve heard this is a criss way to accept payment. I always earn a living out of music. You should see me Ram Dance in the NYC Subway. I made enough money for a down payment on a mobile home from one week of singing Major Mackerel covers at the Marcy Avenue J train Stop. PING!

Who else is in the band at the moment?

Big artists — man like Brett Tubin, Steve Capecci, Kyle Lalone and Eddie Ocampo. Thoroughbred Brooklyn/NYC reggae stalwarts. We also auditioned Matisyahu for the band to play the triangle but his timing was all mug.

What are you working on now?

New recordings dem. New music. Big live sessions a gwan back in October/November with some big artists, it was Maaaaaad! Also collaborating on some performance art installations with Ralph Macchio (Original Karate Kid!) 

Who are the new artists you are working with?

We did the new studio sessions with Brett Tubin as producer, Victor ‘Ticklah’ Axelrod (Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings) on keys and engineering, my band, and another one of my all time heroes, Andy Bassford. Andy is a guitarist/musician who moved from Connecticut to Jamaica in the 70/80s and played on some of the biggest tunes ever made and toured extensively with some of the biggest artists in Reggae. Years with Dennis Brown, Supercat, Yellowman, Toots and the Maytals, you name it. So not one but four of my musical heroes, he played/recorded with extensively. It was for real a big deal. He would just sit and tell us stories about working with all of dem. Many of the biggest tunes that come out of that era, you can hear him on guitar. Andy also has a connection to Bermuda, he came here on tour with Dennis Brown and Yellowman back in the day, and is also close like family with the whole New Kingston Crew. And here he is, the man I grew up listening to, playing on UZIMON’s new record. And He killed it. It’s gonna sound so nice, people will play it twice. Advice. Check out Andy’s website too,


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