July 30, 2014 at 8:11 a.m.

Sun closure: A special salute to my mentor

Sun closure: A special salute to my mentor
Sun closure: A special salute to my mentor

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On Friday, Bermuda was told that one of her children will no longer speak. Bermudians heard that one of their siblings will no longer be there to help inform them of the facts or to give them views of all perspectives. 

Today, the Bermudian community will take a moment of silence to salute one of her greatest friends.

For most of us, we have grown up knowing we could always rely on the Bermuda Sun to give us a fair and balanced view of the current happenings in our island home. We knew that we could get differing community-based views on the most contentious of issues including religion, sports and, yes, politics.

Why has the paper become the voice of the community? Why has this paper lived and breathed our joys, our fears, our hopes? Why has this paper lifted the voices of the unknown masses of this island home? Why has this paper become Bermuda itself?

Woven world

This can only be summed up by pinpointing the source and soul of this living entity. 

The colourful and diverse fabric of this community has been woven into a patchwork quilt that we all have used as a security blanket twice a week. The master weaver reached out into the community and found the obscure threads that flow to and from the veins of each and every one of us.

With two strands from the left and two strands from the right, the master weaver kept this quilt work balanced with all the kaleidoscopes of colours and fabrics of our island home. Twice a week, the weaver wove the words of wisdom into our wobbly world.

Today, we salute the master weaver; my mentor, my friend and my bruv, Tony McWilliam. 

We salute Tony as he has dedicated his life to producing Bermuda’s finest journalistic publication in today’s print media.  

In the face of political and social pressures, the master weaver has kept Bermuda informed and knowledgeable of the facts.

Thank you bruv

Were it not for Tony, we would not know the full truth on many issues. It is painfully ironic that at a time that our community needs the most balance, we are losing one of the main voices of balance. Bermuda, we owe much to his tenacity.

I personally wish to thank Tony for giving me an opportunity to speak for the segments of society that have normally been ignored, silenced, or marginalized. 

Without this opportunity, I would not have been able to speak to you twice a week. 

Tony, my brother, I thank you for helping this guy from “back-a-tarn” to grow and evolve. 

You have helped me to realize that the world is not as black or white, rich or poor, gay or straight as many may think.  

I thank you for making my father proud to call his friends weekly to read my columns to them.

More important, I thank you for helping Bermuda to grow and evolve: the seeds have been planted. The quest for knowledge and truth has taken root and we shall see your legacy bear fruit in many forms.

I know today will be difficult for you; however know that you will continue to weave our stories one way or the other. The Bermuda Sun is you. You are the Bermuda Sun.

Where you go we shall follow. You will never walk alone my brother.

Thank you on behalf of Bermuda. 

We love you, Bruv.

PS. Maybe you can go coach Liverpool this season. 


Hey ! Mr Tambourine Man, play a song for me

In the jingle jangle morning I’ll come followin’ you.

Bob Dylan


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The Bermuda Sun bids farewell...

JUL 30, 2014: It marked the end of an era as our printers and collators produced the very last edition of the Bermuda Sun.



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