July 29, 2014 at 10:20 p.m.

Tributes pour in from the arts community

Tributes pour in from the arts community
Tributes pour in from the arts community

Karen Pollard, Director of the Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts:

“All of us at The Bermuda Festival  are saddened to hear of the demise of the Bermuda Sun. We have enjoyed incredible coverage from the paper for many years, both in the lead up to and during the run of the Festival. Informative articles have always been accurate and accompanied by good images and we were looking forward to its continued generous  coverage for our 40th anniversary Festival next year. We will be lost without it.

“Thank you for all you have done.”


Tom Butterfield and Elise Outerbridge — respectively, founder and curator of The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art:

“It is a sad day for a community when a journalistic voice is silenced and even sadder in a community which is currently divided by all sorts of misinformation, mistrust and nasty mud-slinging. 

“The Bermuda Sun always took the high road and reported in a fair, equitable manner. 

“I especially enjoyed working with Sarah Lagan because her creativity and razor sharp perceptions always made me smile! 

'She was open to any crazy idea we brought to the table and gently reconstructed them into meaningful stories.  

“I do fear for a country whose source of printed information is restricted to only one newspaper — not that I think that the Royal Gazette is not fair and accurate — but different points of view make up well-informed opinions. 

“Good luck to everyone at the Sun, keep smiling, and let’s cross our fingers that your collective journalistic voices will soon be heard again!”


John Narraway, chairman, TEDxBermuda:

“In producing the TEDxBermuda conference for five years, Sarah and the Bermuda Sun, have done more than just provide coverage, they help propagate our “Ideas Worth Spreading”.  

“The main goal of the annual TEDxBermuda conference is to cultivate new ideas and perspectives on how to address the issues that affect us all. 

“Simply put, we hope to change the nature of conversations and make them more fact-based and inspiring. 

“The Bermuda Sun provided in depth profiles on nearly 50 speakers and their topics with great detail and clarity. 

“Our events are at capacity with 900 attendees and the Bermuda Sun was a key partner in helping us reach a wider section of the island, creating new dialogues in many pockets of the community.”


Lisa Howie — director, Bermuda National Gallery:

“The Bda Sun has always been a champion for the arts and community building — thank you! You will be missed by the Bermuda National Gallery.”


Aideen Ratteray Pryse — former director of the Bermuda International Film Festival:

“The Bermuda Sun served the community very well over the years. In my time with BIFF I found Sarah Lagan to be incredibly enthusiastic, positive and professional. You will be missed.”


Nicola Flood — vice-president, Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society:

“Without the enthusiastic and professional support of Sarah Lagan and the team at the Bermuda Sun, we could not have achieved the profile needed in the community to make the BMDS shows the success they have become. 

“We will miss that support and wish you all the success you deserve. Remember us fondly, as we will you.”


Jenn Osmond, Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society:

“The Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society wishes to thank everyone at the Bermuda Sun for their continued support in helping us to promote our musical and dramatic endeavours for the past fifty years.  

“The Sun has always partnered with us in supporting our productions in every way, from advertising, features and reviews.  We specifically would like to thank Sarah Lagan, who has been a huge support for us as well as being a personal friend to many of us at BMDS for the last six years. 

“We will miss her professionalism and enthusiasm.”


Richard Simon — ‘Chief Chuckler’, Just For Laughs:

“My experience with the Sun has always been great. The support for our Just for Laughs Bermuda event over the past nine years has been extraordinary. The Sun will be missed!”


Christopher Vee — Makeup artist, christopherveemakeup:

“Sarah Lagan and the Bermuda Sun were both very helpful to my career as a makeup artist by giving me a broader exposure to those on the island that I may not have had a chance to meet otherwise. 

“For this I thank you and all the best to everyone in the future!”


Troika Bermuda:

“TROIKA Bermuda would like to take this opportunity to thank The Bermuda Sun, specifically Sarah Lagan for all the support she has provided us over the years. 

“Sarah’s perspective has helped to shed light on our organization and the work that we are doing for young Bermudians. 

“Our voice was conveyed in her writing and for that we are thankful.  

“The Board of Directors and Members of TROIKA Bermuda wish the staff of the Bermuda Sun the utmost success in their future endeavours.”


Rowan Ramotar — promoter, owner of Wild Apache:

“It a sad day in Bermuda with the closure of the Bermuda Sun. The Sun family is always there to support me 100 per cent with all my events. 

“As a reader I am going to miss the great opinion articles as well as the unbiased  community news! A very sad day for news reporting in Bermuda.”


Andrew Holmes, 441 Productions:

“The Sun always jumped on and eagerly helped to promote all of the concerts I have done over the years.  It will be sad to see an amazing paper go.”


Tony Brannon, owner Ride the Wave: 

“Speaking on behalf of Ride the Wave & the Bermuda Peace Day Weekend and Concert, we shall miss your wonderful coverage in the Bermuda Sun, but rest assured we hope you will be there this September to cover the event and to “just be there”. 

“I will miss Don Burgess’s weekly Internet rankings update — I hope you keep it going elsewhere Don. 

“I will miss all of you at the Bermuda Sun

Special thanks to Lisa Beauchamp & Tony McWilliam for all their support of Bermuda Beach Tennis and The Peace Day events.

Julie Butler, formerly of Masterworks:

“Having worked with you while I was at Masterworks and then a little bit with my new business I just wanted to say I wish you well with whatever plans you have for the future. I always found you to be enthusiastic and receptive, and I appreciate all you did over the years.”

Glenn and Gwen Blakeney, Inter-Island Communications:

“It is particularly sad that after 50 productive years, one of Bermuda’s most balanced community-centric news publications will close it’s doors.

“Since launching Inter-Island Communications, Ltd (IIC) some 10-years ago, the Bermuda Sun has proactively supported our business by promoting, covering and subsequently reporting on the continued success of events produced by HOTT and MAGIC. 

“Moreover, the Sun has featured various radio personalities on both stations, as well as published featured articles about the several charitable drives IIC has undertaken. 

 “Without the complementary support of the Bermuda Sun publication, such community-driven initiatives would not have succeeded in assisting various Bermudians during their time of dire need. 

 “Furthermore, we must make very special mention of Sarah Lagan who has been a most affable representative of the Sun, always demonstrating impeccable attention to detail as a consummate professional journalist.” 

Bruce “The Beverage Man” Barritt:

“I have always enjoyed my interactions with
everyone at the BDA Sun and valued the balance that the paper brought to the news here in Bermuda. 

“In addition, I always looked to the BDA Sun for local business news and was a fan of the crossword puzzles as well.

“My Welch’s Wednesday activities ensured that I was connected to the paper every week... even when off the island...  and I shall miss that extra interaction with folks as they stopped by... One ice cold Welch’s juice and Wednesday
Bermuda Sun!

“Sarah... your Non Mariner’s story helped to chronicle the history of the non-event as well as bring some recognition to the original ‘non-members’ who started it and kept it going through lean years... I know that they appreciated that.”

Jane Vickers, Warwick Academy:

“Thank you Bermuda Sun for the many years of sharing the Warwick Academy news with Bermuda and friends around the world.  

“Of special note the wonderful 350 Anniversary  special edition celebrating our mile stone, Simon Jones for his continued interest in what we do here at the school and the wonderful Sarah Lagan for her special interest in our Performing Arts Department at Warwick Academy.  

“We wish you all the best and you will be missed.”

Selange Gitschner, co-founder, Groundswell:

“You’ve been such an important part of all of our events it really leaves me speechless. 

“The Bermuda Sun has been a huge part of our island life and can never be replaced.”


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The Bermuda Sun bids farewell...

JUL 30, 2014: It marked the end of an era as our printers and collators produced the very last edition of the Bermuda Sun.



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