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Gosling’s World Series home run

Boston: Strong Ties to Bermuda
Gosling’s World Series home run
Gosling’s World Series home run

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A hit: Gosling’s have a significant presence at the current World Series, with their rum drinks being sold inside Fenway Park and served in the Dark ‘n Stormy Boardroom. *AFP photo

When Boston Red Sox take on St. Louis Cardinals in tonight’s potentially-decisive Game Six of the World Series, 12 people will be viewing the action with a uniquely Bermudian flavour.

That’s because they’ll be watching from the Dark ‘n Stormy Boardroom, situated perfectly behind home plate at Fenway Park. 

They may also be sipping Gosling’s products, which are also on sale throughout the stadium, as the Bermuda company makes full use of its status as the official rum of the Red Sox.

It’s all part of its drive, which started 10 years ago, to take the island’s popular drink and make inroads into the US market.

Huge strides have been made in New England and E. Malcom Gosling, President/CEO at Gosling-Castle Partners, Inc, says being in partnership with the Red Sox has been hugely beneficial.

“It’s very exciting for us,” he told the Bermuda Sun. 

“Part of our deal with the Red Sox allows us to have Point of Sale (POS) and the Red Sox logo supporting our brand throughout New England.

“So when you walk into a liquor store you’ll see a Red Sox logo on there with Gosling’s branding on it. So [if they were to win the World Series tonight] we’d have to get the team together and come up with some great creatives saying congratulations to the world champions.”

Dark 'n Stormy

The Red Sox endured a tricky year out on the field in 2012 but their comeback and success in reaching the World Series means the Dark ‘n Stormy is getting even more exposure.

Gosling, who will be at tonight’s game, said: “When they are performing well, the stadium sells out so we have more people to potentially sample Gosling’s rums in one form or another — whether it’s the Dark ‘n Stormy, the rum swizzle or the ready-to-drink Dark ‘n Stormy. You know, a happy fan is a happy customer.”

Gosling’s have attached themselves to a number of big events — the Honda Classic (golf), all five boat shows in Florida abnd the Deutsche Bank Championship (golf) to name a few. Gosling, a lifelong Red Sox fan, admits, though, that there is something special about Boston’s famous ball park.

“The Red Sox is a very powerful logo — they have many fans as you see on the telecast. That’s very important for us to see the association. We are about unique, fun, quality and that’s you get when you go to watch a baseball game at Fenway Park. The two brands match.”

He added:  “Part of our strategy is we believe our best sales tool is our product in the bottle so if we can get it into people’s mouths in a creative and unique environment, we jump at those opportunities. We have several going on around the country.

“This [Fenway Park] was a way to sample people on the Dark ‘n Stormy – it’s a cocktail that is just so easily transferable from beer. 

“It gives people an alternative and I know that the food and beverages company that deals with the catering at Fenway has been very happy with the response.”

And the Boardroom?

“They loved the whole concept and gave us the opprtunity to brand the room inside and out. 

“On the view deck we have branded Dark n’ Stormy chairs and on the door going it says ‘The Dark n’ Stormy Boardroom, (good luck with your meeting)’.” 

Coming to the Bermuda Sun and bermudasun.bm over the next few days: 

• Bermuda Tourism’s ties to the Boston Red Sox

• How homegrown company Gosling’s became the official rum of the Boston Red Sox

• Historical significance of a Red Sox win in Boston

• Bermuda’s affinity with Boston

Our online and print coverage of the 2013 World Series, Boston: Strong Ties to Bermuda, is sponsored by Gosling’s.


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