Reporting the news: Though competitive rivalry exists in the media, some of us get along well. *File photo
Reporting the news: Though competitive rivalry exists in the media, some of us get along well. *File photo

Like many in Bermuda, I was saddened to learn that the Bermuda Sun would be closing, not only as some of my media colleagues will be losing their jobs, but also for the wider impact on our news media as a whole.

With 50 years of history behind it, the Sun has long been a staple of Bermuda news reporting and over the decades, has provided some first class journalism.

Despite being competitors, there is often a deep respect for each other in this industry, and the Sun commanded the respect of many within the media, including myself.  

It’s a rare thing to have another business reach out a hand in friendship, and the Sun has always extended theirs to ours.

Bermuda Sun editor Tony McWilliam invited me to lunch a few weeks after I launched Bernews, which began a friendship that grew deeper over the years. 

We have worked alongside each other in the industry for almost five years now, and many would be surprised to learn the extent of the friendship between two so-called rivals.

I wish I could write the proverbial happy ending by announcing we would be able to hire all the Sun’s staff and undergo a massive expansion; however, the financial reality prevents me.

However, Bernews has come a long way since our humble beginnings in 2010, and one thing I have learned is what is not possible today, often becomes possible tomorrow with enough work and energy expended. 

I, along with my colleagues at Bernews, acknowledge the increased responsibility placed on the media industry with the Bermuda Sun closing its doors.

We intend to strive to try and help fill some of the void left by the Sun’s closure; and as a comparatively new and still growing business, we work with the knowledge that what is not possible today, can become reality tomorrow.

To Randy French, Tony McWilliam, and everyone at the Bermuda Sun, thank you for 50 years. You have served the community well, and as your competitor, I can say you did it with class. I am grateful for your friendship, professionalism, and the example you have set.