Gary Moreno
Gary Moreno

Dear Sir,

When I saw the e-mail that the Bermuda Sun will cease publication as of today, I was at first angry. Angry that such a powerful and unbiased voice that often told the stories that would perhaps otherwise have gone un-heard, was being silenced.

My anger turned to concern for my colleagues at Elliot Street and what would become of them. Would they continue to practise their craft, since for them to stop doing so, would mean the loss of a “talented, loyal and exceptionally conscientious group of journalists”, to quote Bermuda Sun Editor-in-chief Tony McWilliam.

A loss this country can ill afford at this difficult time in its continued development.

While we may not have attended Friday night fish fries, I did have an excellent working relationship with more than a couple of reporters at the Bermuda Sun, such was the trust and respect that I had for them.

It’s unclear whether residents fully understand the serious implications of the loss of the Sun. Not only is there less “Sunshine” of public scrutiny by which to hold our politicians accountable, but we are now left with one newspaper. One which has too often been described as not always enjoying the trust of the wider community. 

And so the Sun was relied upon to provide readers with the big picture and a clear perspective, allowing us the opportunity to better form our opinions for or against any particular issue.

 Speaking with one former Bermuda Sun reporter, it was suggested that this may in fact be a blessing in disguise, an opportunity for some enterprising soul to begin a new local news entity, whether it be physical or virtual. I remain hopeful, since, at the risk of engaging in melodrama, the island’s democracy depends on it.

By the way, Danny McDonald, you owe me a cold beverage. I still aim to collect. 

Gary Moreno

News Director, ZBM