Elizabeth Tee
Elizabeth Tee

Dear Sir,

As PR professionals, we work extremely closely with journalists. 

We speak with most media outlets on a daily basis. So, we were, of course, devastated to hear that the Bermuda Sun is closing this week after 50 illustrious years.

We have worked closely with the editorial staff since the day that Troncossi opened — and formed many close friendships. We’ve lived through their personal milestones from birthdays, to weddings, to births and through break-ups.

The journalists have worked so hard, given up their personal time to get the paper to bed on time or to cover a breaking news story, and even missed media dinners to ensure that stories were filed by deadline. We here are genuinely devastated by the news of the paper’s closing. It really is a crying shame. We are going to miss you.

You may not realize it yet, but this is bound to affect you more than you know. Your morning routine, buying a cup of coffee and a copy of the Bermuda Sun on your way into work will never be the same; flicking through the paper to find your favourite columnist’s article; knowing what’s happening around you and in the wider community. They had a healthy rivalry with other media outlets and played a vital role in the island’s health and success.

Where did you read the first interview with the Uyghurs? The first exclusive from the “Jetgate” scandal? 

Whatever your thoughts are on the Bermuda Sun, ultimately, everything they wrote was for you. Journalists care deeply about their craft. They research and dig out the information to bring you the truth. It really is a sad day today, and we would like to thank all of the team at the Bermuda Sun and wish them the very best. 

Bermuda’s media scene just won’t be the same without you. 

— Elizabeth Tee, Managing Director, Troncossi Public Relations