Dale Butler
Dale Butler

Dear Tony,

I was shocked to learn the Bermuda Sun would be closing its doors this month after an illustrious life of reporting.

I am pleased to say I will miss you, Mr Editor, for your leadership with opinion columns and lead stories. Best wishes.

In the past I have worked with John Barritt (Editor) and such outstanding writers as Philip Dilks, Meredith Ebbin, Don Burgess and Sarah Lagan. Oh, and don’t forget Mikaela Pearman, to name but a few.

The Sun was always helpful with my research and book reviews. Come to think of it, I used to write a food column called “Eating with Ed”.  The icing for me was having Carlita Burgess as my advertising representative.

She knew exactly what to tell your expert graphic artists to do with my adverts, which led to an increased public awareness. In closing, let me wish the entire staff best wishes.

Whenever I visited, the receptionist was always on the ball and you, Mr Editor, always returned calls. 

Dale Butler, is an author, and former PLP Cabinet Minister