Former editor Adrian Drummond. *Photo supplied
Former editor Adrian Drummond. *Photo supplied

Dear Sun staff,

I’m devastated for you all. 

Truly this is a very sad day, especially so for the staff, but even for people like me who have a past association with the paper. 

I have such happy memories of my time there and of all the people who became such good friends. 

I think you have done a fantastic job growing the paper and responding to the challenges of the digital age — no doubt all done on a shoestring. 

I know from my experience just how challenging the job can be and under your stewardship it became a much bigger one. 

I do think, although I didn’t really appreciate it at the time, that the Sun did provide an alternative voice and that the country will be the poorer for its demise.  

Adrian Drummond

A former editor of the Bermuda Sun, now with the Times, London