1 more: Eliza Olander did her final restaurant review for the Sun at the Dining Room at Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.
1 more: Eliza Olander did her final restaurant review for the Sun at the Dining Room at Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

Looking for somewhere to take the kids for a bite? Who’s going to give you a more honest, bite-sized review than an 11-year-old? Eliza Olander, from St David’s, is a graduate of St George’s Prep who starts at Learning Express in September. 

Location: The Dining Room, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

First impressions:
It’s very welcoming. It’s fancy but not too fancy. It’s a beautiful spot — you can see the water all around you.

I thought it was going to be greasy burgers. But it’s actually very beautiful.

[Shirley temple, $3.75]. I got to the end and it didn’t lose its flavour.

[Spring rolls, $16. Smoked duck breast with Asian slaw, sweet chilli sauce.]

The spring roles are a little spicy and they are amazing. The best spring rolls I’ve ever had.

And there’s a lot of flavour to the salad [slaw].

Main course:
[Gourmet hamburger with taleggio cheese, caramelized onions, fried egg, bacon, truffle mayo, $22]. 

A great combo of toppings. An amazing burger; a little tricky to eat because it was so big. With all the toppings it was hard to pick up.

With the fries you can taste the potato and not the grease like you can with some other fries.

Portion size:
A little big for me but we took leftovers with us.

[Panna cotta with mixed berry coulis, $11].

It’s sweet but not so extremely sweet so you’re like ‘I can’t eat this any more’. And the portion size is great. Out of 10? I would give this dessert a 10.

The lady who served us [Rowan Hallett] was very kind — she’s our friend. She was very welcoming. She remembered my name, from when we were at Rustico. I like that. She’s a very nice person.

She’s one of the nicest waitresses [she’s actually the maitre d’] I have ever met, like the ones I know at a place in Boston on Newbury Street, called Stephanie’s. [Eliza goes to Boston Children’s Hospital every six months for check-ups — she was diagnosed with brain cancer as a baby].

Overall impressions:
The best lunch on the island. Next time mommy has visitors, we are going to bring them here. 

The service was amazing and the surroundings are beautiful and elegant. The food was fantastic.

I will never forget it — this was the best place for the last Lunch With Uncle — a grand finish.

I hope all my readers will never forget this last Lunch with Uncle  and all of the others. 

It was very special to have been the first child restaurant critic in Bermuda. I hope that you won’t forget me and also remember everyone else —  all the reporters and editors of the Bermuda Sun.