The Chewstick Foundation has completed a mural in memory of reggae legend, Bob Marley, and world-renowned jazz musician, Lance Hayward.

The mural, located on Court Street next to Jamaican Grill, has been erected on the day of Marley’s birthday.

The late Lance Hayward, a Bermudian jazz musician, has a connection to Marley in that he was the first artist to release an album with a fledgling Island Records. Island Records would go on to release Bob Marley and the Wailers’ first album and introduce reggae to the world.

It is hoped that the Marley/Hayward mural will help to raise awareness of the charity’s Community Art Programme. Chewstick created a mural of Nelson Mandela in December following his death. The charity aims to create more and more murals celebrating the global impact of Bermuda’s local heroes.

“This program’s focus is to bring our history to the streets so that our legends are not forgotten and their stories can remain solidly in the public consciousness,” said Chewstick Foundation executive director, Gavin Djata Smith.

“The Chewstick Foundation is developing the depth of the programme by inviting partnerships with businesses, community organizations, charities, youth groups and artists to imagineer and help create pieces that break down barriers and bring people from all walks of life together.”

Chewstick has invited the public to a meeting to discuss future murals and how the community can get involved. It takes place next Wednesday at 5:30pm at the Chewstick Headquarters at 28, Court Street.

For more information call 292-2439 or email [email protected]