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Pentatonix fans at the Fairmont Southampton last night could barely contain themselves at one of the most exciting concerts the island has hosted in years.

Young fans were literally screaming, others were shouting out how much they loved the music, there was enthusiastic applause throughout and a full house standing ovation.

This incredible a cappella quintet really gave us bang for buck, performing all the songs and medleys that have attracted millions of views online via their YouTube channel.

We were treated to their hugely popular Beyoncé medley incorporating some 28 of her major hits into just a few minutes on stage. They gave us their complex mash up of Daft Punk Songs, their Evolution of Music and, not to forget, the song that started it all — the cover of Lady Gaga’s Telephone that they sang for their first audition for Season 3 of The Sing Off, which they went on to win.

They also performed Radioactive, which they covered previously with Lindsey Stirling, and attracted over 50 million views online.

Stand out performances were made by the two newest members of the band — bass vocalist Avi Kaplan and beat box extraordinaire Kevin ‘KO’ Olusola. The depth of Kaplan’s voice defied his boyish looks and complimented beautifully Olusola’s super human vocals that provided a seemingly electronic backing track to most of the set.

The songs were predominantly pop songs which wasn’t for everyone’s liking but the group provided enough alternatives to make the show enjoyable for all.

For example, Kaplan got up and showed us his Mongolian overtone throat singing that produced two singing notes in one — one deep note and one high-pitched whistle which harmonised with the deep note.

Then Olusola got up and played cello combining jazz and classical with the hiphop of his beat box. This particular performance saw everyone jump to their feet in appreciation.

Aside from the music — the group warmed to the crowd and interacted throughout the show. Their overriding message was that they truly have fallen in love with Bermuda and that the crowd was amazing. Perhaps they will perform here again even though they are now fast careering towards international stardom.

The Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts can give themselves a big pat on the back for booking this outstanding quintet while we could still afford them — since they were booked they have rocketed to fame via social media and it is easy to see why.

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