Amanda Dale
Amanda Dale

Dear Tony,

I just wanted to express my sadness at the closure of the Bermuda Sun, and to wish everyone the best for the future.

I enjoyed working at the Sun and although the last couple of years were tough, I have fond memories of the work and the people.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work there.

After surviving two-and-a-half years on the ‘Death Star’ (Daily Mail) and then three years of political antagonism from the Government vs the Royal Gazette, the newsroom at the Sun was a breath of fresh air!

It was a nice place to work with a great bunch of people.

You were (are) a great editor and I admired the way you cut a clear path through the political craziness on the island to give readers the facts, in an unbiased way. I know that the paper was greatly respected and trusted by the community.

Sadly, newspapers are dying out around the world. My first paper, the Northwich Chronicle, also closed down a few years ago. 

This is a big loss for Bermuda — particularly as the Sun was so dedicated to the community.

I wish everyone the very best for the future,

Amanda Dale

Former Bermuda Sun journalist