Dear Tony,

This is just a short note to say that I’m saddened by the news about the Bda Sun

My memories of my times at the paper — both professional and personal — are rather fond ones. It’s really where I cut my teeth as a journalist, and I still marvel at the editorial opportunities you gave me in a relatively short period.  

Since my stint at the Sun, I continued to read the paper from time to time. 

As Bermuda’s Premier aptly put it, you certainly covered the issues with “clarity, fairness and from varied perspectives”. Equally importantly, you endeavoured to show the people directly affected by the news of the day, which is something truly special. 

It’s what I still strive to do to this day. I sincerely wish you and your existing team of journos all the very best. 

Cheers, and thank you. 

Kevin Spurgaitis

Former Bermuda Sun journalist, now in Toronto