Mikaela Ian Pearman
Mikaela Ian Pearman

Today is a very sad day for me and many Bermudians. As today is a last issue of the Bermuda Sun, I am overwhelmed with emotion.

Four years ago, I interviewed with Tony McWilliam for what was a new, incredible post – web reporter. I was working at The Royal Gazette at the time and thought making the move would be a good idea. It turned out to be a great idea. 

Tony and his team welcomed me with open arms and my colleagues became my family. When I started in November 2010, I went from writing stories on a daily basis at deadline to writing stories all day long for the web. 

Web Reporting was still fairly new in Bermuda and we were ahead of the game. It was amazing to write stories from my Blackberry and see them posted within minutes by my awesome web team. 

I left the Bermuda Sun in April but when I heard the news on Friday, I felt like I was still there because it affected me so heavily. I was shocked, I was angry, I was upset. I still feel all of those things.

The community’s paper 

The Bermuda Sun was the community’s paper. It was the paper of the people. It was the go to paper for human interest stories. 

It told the stories of the mothers who lost their sons to gang violence, the stories of new business owners finally getting a shot at their dream, the stories of sports heroes who were so excited to do their country proud, the stories of artists who were thrilled to share their craft with us. 

Each edition was put together with love by a small, dedicated team of extremely talented journalist and designers. That team did such an amazing job week in and week out and they will be such a big miss. 

Everyone in Bermuda should be devastated by this news as it affects all of us. I applaud my former team for a job well done and I thank them for doing it.