Larry Burchall
Larry Burchall

Dear Tony,

Sad to see the Sun go, especially the way that it has. The people who, mostly from behind the scenes, made the Sun work, are now cut loose and, in many ways, have to find start-over mechanisms. I wish them well.

My eighteen-year relationship with the Sun and it’s editors ends. So also ends that peculiar and special relationship that can develop and that did develop between myself as a Sun columnist and your several selves as Sun readers. We now part.

Unlike the Bermuda Sun, I won’t disappear. I’ll still be around, but appearing in other places.

And a personal note to you, Tony —  may we remain friends who can quietly and rationally still discuss stuff and stay completely “off the record”.

As a Bermuda Sun columnist, farewell. 

Larry Burchall,
Bermuda Sun columnist since 1996.