In our last Viewpoint, Carla Zuill asked residents how they feel that the Bermuda Sun will no longer be in existence.

Joey Mello, 56


“Worldwide, modern technology is taking over the newspapers because people don’t have to physically buy them to read them. They just go online.”



Sahima Choudhury, 39

Office administration

“I feel really bad because it’s truly one of the last objective media outlets out there. There’s only one daily paper now. It’s really sad.”



Antoine Hunt, 47


“I think it’s a sad day. How many news organizations are there to have a balanced view of what’s going on?”



Dawnette Lewis, 62


“It’s been a part of Bermuda for so long. My husband was a recipient of a bone marrow transplant and the lady is coming here on Cup Match — one of your reporters was coming to interview and he was keen to do it. And now the Bermuda Sun is gone.



Linda Wales, 50


“I didn’t even know. I am shocked. More people have lost their jobs? What is happening on this island?”



Daniel Pondera, 35


“I am sad because they had a great team working there. The staff are really pleasant people and were very helpful to me personally at the time I worked at Aardvark Communications in placing ads and assisting in some ad campaigns.”