Dear Sir,

I began writing periodic columns for the Bermuda Sun many years ago until I became a regular weekly columnist in 2012, along with my radio show, Generations.  

My column topics spoke to non-political issues of the day as I tried to make a concerted effort to speak to those characteristics that would make us all better citizens.   

The Bermuda Sun itself had been my favourite newspaper for quite a number of years so needless to say I felt like a proud contributor.  

I would badger the editor, Tony McWilliam, from time to time to make it a daily paper.  The Bermuda Sun was, to me, an inclusive newspaper.  It was non-biased.  It had a family-oriented feel to it. 

With the Bermuda Sun having just celebrated 50 years of life in the community, the demise of the paper now reflects the sadness of death to me. A large part of what made us balanced will be gone. 

 I am grateful that I had an opportunity to be a part of this great newspaper and I wish every employee much success in the future.  Farewell. 

— Shawnette Somner, former Bermuda Sun columnist