Inspector Mark Clark. *File photo
Inspector Mark Clark. *File photo
Surveillance cameras in the west end have played a significant role in cutting crime, police said yesterday.

Business owners in the Charing Cross area have enjoyed a large reduction in criminal activity since the network was installed.

Inspector Mark Clark told a public meeting: “As a result of police initiatives and engaging with business owners, cameras were erected.

“The owners in the Charing Cross area have seen a noticeable drop.”

Insp. Clark told the Western Parishes Police Forum that the targeting of prolific and priority offenders (PPO) had been successful.

He also said burglaries at tourism accommodation in the west had been kept to a low level.

He added: “Almost every other week we have put people before the courts that have been causing issues across the island.

“Burglaries at tourism accommodation in the west have been kept very minimal, part of which is because of the proactive nature of our approach as well as Business Watch.

“In the last six months we have had two burglaries at tourism accommodation, while burglaries in the west mostly take place during daylight hours.”

Inspector Clark said the number of Neighbourhood Watch zones in the western parishes continued to grow.

He also told how the Business Watch scheme, in which businesses worked together and shared information, had also enjoyed success.

He said: “In the last six months, especially between 2010 and 2011, there has been an increase in violence involving forearms. In our community some cases have resulted in deaths.

“Our CAT [Community Action] teams in the aftermath have done saturation patrols and community impact assessments. This was done to reassure the residents and get an idea from them of how we can improve.”