Quinton Edness (left) and Sir John Swan (right).
Quinton Edness (left) and Sir John Swan (right).

Last Friday’s photos — Politicians

Patrick Outerbridge, Priscilla Belvin, Richard Klein, Megan Nelson, Ellen Coelho, Ursula Dunlop, Ivan Trott, and Cyril Dowling all made contact to correctly identify last week’s youthful pair as Quinton Edness (bottom right) and Sir John Swan (middle right).

 Mr. Edness eventually entered politics as a member of the UBP. However, the photo showed him in his heyday at ZBM. 

He was the host of the popular ‘Quinton’s Matinee’ and later became managing director of ZBM, according to Megan Nelson. Cyril Dowling remembered his jazz show ‘The Crystal Studios’, while Priscilla Belvin said he always called himself “Lovable Quinton”.

Priscilla Belvin also provided background on Sir John Swan, as he is now addressed. 

He worked at Rego Ltd Real Estate, originally in the accounts department and then moving into sales; after which, he opened his own real estate agency, John W. Swan Real Estate Agency. 

Eventually, he served as the Premier of Bermuda for more than 10 years, resigning in 1995. 

West end crew: This is one of 50 slides donated by Alecia Cooper. Her grandfather was seconded to Bermuda from the UK for a few years to oversee the conversion of Casemates Barracks into Bermuda’s maximum security prison. Do you know who any of the men are in this photo?E-mail photo editor Gary Skelton at [email protected] or call him at 278-1880.


• Photo supplied by Dr Edward Harris