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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Chosen models for City Fashion Festival
APR 16, 2014: The Evolution City Fashion Festival reveals the names of the models chosen for this year's event exclusively with the Bermuda Sun.
Chosen models for City Fashion Festival
APR 16, 2014: The Evolution City Fashion Festival reveals the names of the models chosen for this year's event exclusively with the Bermuda Sun.
Trent Shelton tries Bermuda's world famous Art Mel's fish sandwich.
Trent Shelton tried an Art Mel' fish sandwich while he was in Bermuda for the Dream Big event. More here: Trent Shelton encourages Bermudians to 'Dream Big'
Augmented Reality
The Bermuda Sun, and Island Press created a buzz this week with the launch of interactive print technology called Augmented Reality. Read more: Augmented Reality
"Nobody knows you better than you" says Bermuda Idol winner
Mar 15, 2014: Channel 82 interviews Bermuda Idol winner Olivia Hamilton, the contest judges and audience members following Saturday's contest.
Butterfield rides on Abu Dhabi F1 track
MAR 13, 2014: Bermuda triathlete Tyler Butterfield talks about the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon during a warm-up ride around the city's Yas Marina F1 track.
A Tribute to the Sargasso Sea
Premier Craig Cannonier, along with representatives from several other countries from around the world, will assemble on Tuesday to sign the Hamilton Declarationon Collaboration for the Conservation of the Sargasso Sea. *Video by David Shaw
FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING: Girl abuses bus driver
FEB 12, 2014: Bermuda cellphone footage of a girl abusing and threatening a bus driver. WARNING - FOUL LANGUAGE
Gabby's gold-winning bar routine
FEB 12, 2014: Gabby Vincent stole the show for the Bermuda Gymnastics Association team at the Chicago Style Invitational at the weekend. Vincent claimed gold in both vault and bars in the 16-years-and-over Level 9 competition.
The Philippines says Thank You!
FEB 11, 2014: Three months after Typhoon Haiyan, a whole nation wants to show its gratitude to the whole world. This is the Philippines. And this is our way of saying thank you to every one who is helping us rebuild after the storm.
Prison van catches fire near Shelly Bay
FEB 2, 2014: A vehicle caught fire on North Shore Road shortly before 9am Sunday. At least two appliances from the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service were on hand to help put the blaze out. *Footage by Froilan Warner
Bermuda US Air Force disaster 1964 (silent footage)
JAN 22, 2014: Seventeen airmen died on June 29, 1964, when two US Air Force aircraft collided in mid-air while conducting NASA operations. *Footage supplied by Mike Belter
R.I.P. Devrae Noel-Simmons
Tribute by Channel 82 Bermuda to Devrae Noel-Simmons
Bermuda Sun Year-in-Review 2013
DEC 18, 2013: Following the success of our 2012 video retrospective, we bring you Bermuda Sun's bigger and better Year-in-Review 2013. Big stories of every category from 2013 are covered including sports, crime, politics and tourism. The programme will also touch on some of the most popular Bermuda Sun projects and promotions from the past year. * Presenter: Mikaela Ian Pearman * Script: Glenn Jones * Script Editor: Tony McWilliam * Photo & Video Editor: Gary Foster Skelton
Bermuda Sun Year-in-Review 2013 - Watch it on ZBM-TV 9, December 18th
Watch the Bermuda Sun's Video Year-in-Review, Wednesday December 18th, 8pm on ZBM-TV 9.
Stunning old Bermuda footage, 1940's - in Colour!
13 DEC, 2013: Take a stunning glimpse into our island's rich history with this wonderful footage of Bermuda in the 1940's. The 16mm film was recorded by Captain Fred Clipper of the US Army who was stationed in Bermuda, and then married a local girl and built a life here. Recently brought to light by archivist David Meyer, the film captures a bygone era when cedar trees were plentiful, the island's roads were just dirt tracks and there were only a handful of motor vehicles. Scenes include the old railway, Gombeys, children flying kites and a game of (American) football between the Army and Navy. * Video Editor: Gary Foster Skelton
Magical and mesmerising Sleeping Beauty opens at Daylesford
Dec 6, 2013: Laughs, hoots and screams aplenty accompany Bermuda Musical & Dramatic Society's Sleeping Beauty this Christmas. The panto is showing at Daylesford Theatre until December 14. * Video: Nicola Muirhead * Video Editor: Gary Foster Skelton
Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix
Pentatonix are coming to Bermuda for the Bermuda Festival in January. Their video, Little Drummer Boy, has had more than 8.7m views on YouTube since November 25.
Click here to see more on the Bermuda Festival 2014.
Sea eagle steals camera
Our Bermuda longtails and cahows are cute - but could they do this? An Australian Sea Eagle stole a motion-sensor camera and flew 110 kilometres with it running. Then he tried to eat the camera.
Ants subterranean structures revealed!
NOV 13, 2013: Ants – the bane of every islanders life. But did you know that collectively they can build immense subterranean cities? A group of excavators poured cement into a disused ant colony and dug away the ground so we could see the intricate paths and enclosures that they create as a group.
JO-1 Feat Fishaman - Chizika (Official Video)
Grandpa Government proudly presents Bermudian queen of dancehall "JO-1" (Joanne-Ball-Burgess) with a club banger "chiziqa" made in East Africa's power house "Grandpa Records" and featuring fast rising dancehall star "Fishaman".
Chosen models for City Fashion Festival
APR 16, 2014: The Evolution City Fashion Festival reveals the names of the models chosen for this year's event exclusively with the Bermuda Sun.

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