Wildcats 5, Swallows 0

TUESDAY, MARCH 6: With Swallows only able to field nine players, Wildcats took advantage and set the tone with an early goal by Maria Pichery in the first half with Ashley Steede scoring a second goal from a short corner in the 26th minute.

Second half scorers for Wildcats were Susanna Almeida, Zina Jones and Cerepha Bridgman for a 5-0 final score.

Longtails 0, Budgies 9

This young Longtail Canaries team managed to keep the score to an admirable 2-0 before half time with Amy Fox converting two out of her total of three goals from two penalty corners awarded in the first half.

A goal from Jaselle Smith in the opening minutes of the second half inspired Budgies to push on and they were subsequently rewarded with succession of goals in the remaining half from Melanie Fullerton (3), Asha Trott (1), Alex Francis (1), Amy Fox (1). 

Longtail Canaries should, however, be commended on their defensive short corners noting that out 20 penalty corners awarded, Budgies were only able to convert four.

Jaselle Smith holds the top goal scorer in the B League with 11 goals, while her teammate, Mel Fullerton, is hot on her heels with a tally of 10 goals. 

Canaries 0, Bluebirds 3

Bluebirds defeated Canaries with a 3-0 victory with Denise O'Donoghue scoring a field goal in the first half and Kourtney Fassler and Sarah Smith scoring a goal each in the second half.

Cardinals 0, Ravens 3

Ravens set the pace from the outset in this match with the ball staying mainly in their attacking half for the first 20 minutes. 

A solid Cardinals defense proved frustrating to the Ravens forward line until Georgia Harris was able to convert from a penalty corner in the 25th minute, with Katie Tester scoring a field goal one minute before half time.

Cardinals came out fighting in the second half with their young forward Pier Simons causing some headaches for the Ravens defensive line with Cardinals almost scoring having beaten the keeper, only to have their efforts nixed by a save on the line by Sue Ward.

Cara Johnson had a great game in defense and Amber Port and Jennifer Adderley worked well to move the ball forward.  Georgia Harris scored her second goal of the day in the 51st minute to seal the 3-0 victory.


• Laura West is the public relations officer for the Bermuda Hockey Federation.