Shawn Michaels shows off his fishing prowess. Photo supplied
Shawn Michaels shows off his fishing prowess. Photo supplied
When you put WWE superstars Michael Cole, Shawn Michaels and John Layfield in a confined space, you might normally be asking for trouble. But in this case the trio all came together in Bermuda to film a TV show for the Outdoor Channel. 

They fished together on Paradise One in the Bermuda Billfish Blast, which is the first event in the Bermuda Triple Crown series.

Mr Michaels said he loved Bermuda so much he planned on returning next year for the tournament, but this time would bring his family along as well. 
It was the second time Mr Cole had been to Bermuda. He said “This is the closest thing to paradise” he has seen. He spent the weekend (after fishing) snorkeling with his wife and touring the island.

Mr Layfield – known in WWE circles as JBL - who has a house in Bermuda and is well-known for his philanthropic work for the Beyond Rugby programme and his Seven Summit climb for the Family centre, told the Bermuda Sun Premier Michael Dunkley is going to appear on the show.

He added: “The BTA (Bermuda Tourism Authority) was incredible helping cut through the red tape and getting all the permits we needed.”

While they had fun and filmed the show, they also managed to hook a few fish. However, Mr Layfied and the BTA are hoping the show will hook viewers on the beauty of a Bermuda vacation.