Winner: Scott Barnes said the Lone Star Grand prix course was more suited for a motocross bike. <em>*Photo supplied</em>
Winner: Scott Barnes said the Lone Star Grand prix course was more suited for a motocross bike. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, APR. 27: A beaten up but happy Scott Barnes came away with the biggest win of his karting career when he won the Texas Lone Star Grand Prix last month.

A rough road course saw Barnes leave the track with bruised hips, but a smile on his face after taking the 125 Modified ICC Final.

Barnes was also second in pre-final for that class and managed a fifth in the Stock Honda Light pre-final and fourth in the Stock Light Final on the 1.7 mile course which featured 14 turns..

This was the first time this race has been run with parts of this track having been previously used for Formula 1 race in 1984.

Barnes said: “It was a fun weekend. This was the first time for everyone on this course so that made it even ground for everyone since no one has driven the track before.

“When my mechanic and I got to the track on Saturday he told me one of the top guys that was there had posted on his Facebook ‘Just walked the Lone Star Grand Prix Track – better bring your balls guys.’ I just laughed because I thought he was just talking smack, trying to stir things up.

“When Saturday morning came I went out for my practice. When I came back in I looked at my mechanic and told him the driver wasn’t talking smack — this was by far the roughest track I’d ever been on.

“I went out for my first lap and I didn’t know if I was running a go-kart or a motocross bike. I spent so much time in the air. I spent so much time with all four wheels off the ground. It was by far the roughest track I’d been on.”

Barnes said when a track is that bumpy “you do a lot of praying”. You have just got to have the nerve to drive it and you had to have the body weight to shift from side to side.

“There was one guy who went out on the first day for the first practice who on a corner hit the bump and when he landed must not have had his wheel straight because when he landed he hit the curb and he completely trashed his chassis — A $5,500 go-kart trashed on the first practice. Guys had to do a lot of counter steering: the top speed was 100 mph on the back straightaway, but most of it was 70 to 80 mph.”

Barnes said 30 drivers started in the Modified Class on Saturday, but by the time Sunday rolled around only 16 took to the track.  “The rest just backed out because it was so rough, scary and dangerous.”

He said 23 signed up for the Stock Class but only 13 raced.

Barnes finished fourth in the Stock Light final, he brought down the chequered flag in the Modified Class. “That was awesome. I hadn’t won a big race in the States in a while”.