FRIDAY, MAR. 23: Intense passion and heated arguments are not uncommon during any football match, but when the fans fall silent, the reality is football is just a game.

That was the reaction of the spectators at White Hart Lane after Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba suffered a heart attack during Sunday’s FA Cup quarter-final match against Tottenham.

The referee got it absolutely right in abandoning the match.

The game will be replayed on March 27.


Chelsea v Tottenham
Huge game – Chelsea are trying to chase down Tottenham and fourth position in the table. A victory would cut the distance to two points — which is well within the realm of possibility with seven games remaining.
A triumph by Tottenham would increase it to eight and make Chelsea more concerned about finishing fifth than fourth.
BDA Sun prediction: 2-1

Arsenal v Aston Villa
Look who is in third — Arsenal. They’ve taken 18 points in the last six matches to climb up the standings and push Tottenham out of the top three for the first time this season.
Villa’s Gabriel Agbonlahor needs to learn ‘sticks and stones may break bones but words will never hurt me.’ He was complaining that all of the negative comments toward the manager impact their performance.
It’s a case of having to man up and take the heat when you’re making several million pounds a year.
BDA Sun prediction: 2-1

Bolton v Blackburn
Bolton will play their first match since Muamba’s heart attack. Tuesday’s game versus Villa was postponed and the players’ emotions could have a stirring effect to help them grab the much-needed three points against another relegation contender.
BDA Sun prediction: 2-1

Liverpool v Wigan
This is supposed to be the soft part of the schedule for Liverpool, but as Wednesday’s collapse against QPR shows the club needs to dig down and play for the entire match. With 13 minutes to go, QPR scored twice to grab victory and a brief respite from the relegation zone.
The closest team to Liverpool in the table? Promoted Swansea.
BDA Sun prediction: 2-0

Norwich v Wolves
Norwich should enjoy a goal feast here. Bottom of the table Wolves have been outscored 12-0 in its last three matches.
It doesn’t help when players get sent off and you have to play the second half a man down as they did when Man United shellacked them 5-0.
BDA Sun prediction: 3-0

Sunderland v QPR
Sunderland desperately need a victory to keep their snowballs chance in Hell  title hopes alive. All kidding aside, mathematically Sunderland could technically still win the title if they had a perfect run and United somehow managed to win only two points and everyone else collapsed in front of them.
Even with QPR feeling good about the come from behind Liverpool victory, Sunderland should take it here.
BDA Sun prediction: 3-2

Swansea v Everton
There’s wild scrum in the middle of the table with eight teams between 36 and 39 points.
Manager Brendan Rodgers said the key to eighth place Swansea’s success is they have good players who work hard and check their egos at the door.
The club wants to ensure it finishes as high as possible to set themselves up for an even better run in 2012-13.
BDA Sun prediction: 2-1

Stoke v Man City
City’s Roberto Mancini shows how desperate he is for the title, by playing petulant Carlos Tevez in his club’s victory over Chelsea. One could argue he’s served his time in the doghouse for refusing to play in a Champions League loss last year, but when the bottom line is a title, other ethical issues get shunted aside.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-3


West Brom v Newcastle
West Brom won’t be easing off as players are fighting for places and contracts for 2012-13. This according to assistant boss Keith Downing. He told the Express and Star newspaper: Regardless of what motivates you — whether it is money or the adulation of going to Euros — there are personal agendas and goals.”
With both Liverpool and Chelsea losing midweek, Newcastle is looking to pounce on moving into fifth. It’s a hard road, but they can do it, but they’ll need a win here.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-2


Man Utd v Fulham
United have the easier run in to the title over City. The two clubs face each other on April 30, but other than that, the club highest in the table left on their schedule is Swansea. City still have an away fixture at the hottest team in the league, Arsenal.
BDA Sun prediction: 3-0