Boxing champion Teresa Perozzi. *Photo courtesy of the Trinidad Express
Boxing champion Teresa Perozzi. *Photo courtesy of the Trinidad Express

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 25: Teresa Perozzi could be putting her title on the line sooner than expected.

Perozzi said that since the World Boxing Association has to sign off on who she fights, it could be for the belt, but she is hoping to have everything clarified within a week.

As she preps for her yet to be named opponent, the MEF group will be holding a fundraiser for her this Friday at LV’s Ferrari Bar.

Perozzi said: “They’ve always been very supportive of me. They were one of the first ones who supported me when I was kind of desperate and wanted to go to a fight and didn’t have the funding. They stepped up.

“They’ve been consistently there for me. I really appreciate it.”

Fans will have an opportunity to take photos with Perozzi who is bringing her world title belts to the event.

Dale Butler, director of training for the MEF group, said the event will take place between 5pm and 8pm with admission costing $10 but there will also be raffles and a silent auction to help raise money for Perozzi.

Butler said: “We are hoping people will come along and congratulate her and wish her well. This will assist with her expenses. Bringing a coach in is not cheap. Teresa is very excited about it.

Butler said: “We’re very excited about this. We’ve supported her throughout her career because training is always an issue. She will need the country’s support rather than worrying about financial matters.

“This is an area where the whole public can participate.”

Perozzi said the fight will definitely be taking place on March 10 against a World Boxing Association sanctioned opponent. Who that opponent is, remains to be seen.

The champ said she doesn’t have a preference as to whom she fights next.

“I don’t really care. The WBA has approved two or three girls.” Perozzi said as the belt holder she now has to have her opponents vetted by the WBA.

“They don’t have to be the number one or number two as women’s boxing doesn’t have as many people to choose from. They can’t be a nobody. They have to have a good record. They want someone who can represent the belt.” She said it hasn’t been made official, but it “sounds” like the belt will be on the line for the March 10 fight. n

Perozzi said it adds definite pressure for that bout, whicvh she was hoping to be a tune-up match before facing WBC champ Tori Nelson in an unifying title bout some time this summer.

“I’m not getting any younger so I don’t have too many opportunities left. The fight will be in Bermuda so I have to take what I can get so if I need to be ready March 10 I will be.”