MONDAY, APRIL 23: The 30th annual Bermuda Open Karate Championship took place yesterday at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

Kent Bean, 17, won both the forms and weapons grandchampionships in the juniors.

His runners-up were Jacari Renfroe, 9, and Keenan Smith, 15. Bean also won his sparring match with Seth Furbert 6/0.

Bean, along with Bermuda Karate Institute founder and BOKC promoter Skipper Ingham, will compete next Sunday in the oldest martial arts tournament in North America, promoted by Gary Alexander, in Somerset, New Jersey.

Other grandchampions in yesterday’s tournament were novice Jaime Furtado and intermediate Dylan Llanes.

The most competitive adult forms division was men over 40, which was won by Richard Gibbons, who also won the grandchampionship match against sole under 40 black belt Vernson Mills.

Winners in contested sparring divisions were Dean Lottimore (10/2 over Nyarjae Lindo-Holdipp), Noah Botelho (5/3 over Sancho Smith semifinal and 6/1 over Ngai Franklin final) and Anzar Talbot (1/0 over Isai Trott first round, forfeit by Keni Smith semifinal, 7/2 over Deandre Simmons final) for ages 6/7, 8/9 and 10/11.