Conquering fear: David Bascome on a zip line in Costa Rica. <em>*Photo supplied</em>
Conquering fear: David Bascome on a zip line in Costa Rica. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, APR. 20: It has been a crazy two weeks away from the column with travelling and meetings, but I had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica.

What a beautiful place it was to visit and feel welcomed. The people there were amazing and have a great passion for their culture and history.

This week I want to talk about stepping out of the box. Some people are so at ease in their comfort zone that they will never try anything different, never put themselves in a position to fail or be exposed as a failure because of the unknown.

I am one of those people.

Do not get me wrong, in certain areas I have big ideas regarding my profession or business situations.

There, I have no problem stepping out of the box.

It is when it comes to something I have no clue about is when I will stay in my comfort zone and will not move.

Being adventurous with things like bungee jumping is where I will be the first one to pass on it and let others enjoy the experience. I fear to try something for the first time without knowing what it would be like, because I feel why bother if it’s not going to help me in anyway.

What a lesson I got in Costa Rica!

School was definitely in for me and after this lesson I will make sure to sit at the head of the class.

As you could see from the photo I had challenge myself to change.

I wanted to experience something totally different and see if it has an effect on my thinking.

I figured what is the worst thing that could happen? — If I didn’t like it, I would never do it again and that’s not so bad.

In Costa Rica I had the chance to go on many tours and adventures and the one that stood out the most was zip lining.

Some may call me crazy but I feel if I am going to preach to young people about trying new things and stepping out of the box then this will be a good example for me.

This will also be a good time to see if something new could change my thoughts and if stepping out of my comfort zone would benefit me in the long run.

After the first couple of zip lines I was saying to myself “this is cool and I can see myself doing this again.”

That was before the instructor says on the last one we have to go upside down.

I look at him as though he was talking to someone else, but at the same time excited for the challenge.

It was a crazy experience but one that changed my mindset.

I came away thinking I could conquer the world.

I wanted to know “what’s next, let’s go try another adventure!”

It is amazing how that one experience took me out of my comfort zone and made me more open to doing other things; made me overcome many fears I had from stepping away from the norm.

It is amazing how some of us fear to step out of that comfort zone. We get so caught up into the normal everyday habits that we sometimes never allow ourselves to experience something new.

This could be a bad habit if you are looking to move others to be great or moving them to the next level. This could hinder your growth or develop a sense of complacency.

No, I am not saying that everyone should go try zip lining or jump out of a plane. What I am saying is that experiencing something outside your norm may help change your thinking and help your vision towards your journey.

Remember fear is that tiny voice inside you. It will hold you back and bring you down You must let it go past you and through you and when it is gone only you are left standing. This is when you have to decide which direction you go or challenge you are willing to take.

Until next time!