Gavon Wilkinson in action during the World Games. *Photo supplied.
Gavon Wilkinson in action during the World Games. *Photo supplied.

Wilkinson, who took advantage of a wildcard entry to the competition, put in an excellent day one performance.

He recorded his highest score ever in international wushu competition when the judges scored him a 8.85 for Daoshu (Broadsword) to put him in 10th place overall.

He kept up the heat on day two, scoring  8.75 in Gunshu (Staff) to finish with a combined score of 17.6 for the Daoshu/Gunshu Combined Division, and an 11th place finish overall.

He said: “What an experience competing with the top Wushu artists in the World and to represent the best in our region.

One for the fans

“The experience of meeting athletes from all over the world in all sorts of sports has been amazing.

“But it’s not over yet! I will be taking part in a wushu demonstration for the Colombian fans.

“When asked I thought how could I say no to the opportunity to once again perform alongside the best in the world.

“I think I’ll drop some drunken sword on them! That will be followed by the closing ceremony and an interesting flight home in the morning.”

Meanwhile, Jermal Woolridge scored a first round knock-out over Rodrigo Reis of Brazil during the first Brazil International Wushu Championships.

Woolridge landed a huge overhand right, with his opponent hitting the canvas hard.

He tried to get up but his legs were like jelly forcing the ring judge to call a halt to the fight.

Wikinson said: “It was so awesome to see Woolridge on top of the podium and hear the National Anthem, actually it’s the first time it has been played for the Bermuda San-Shou Association.”

Wilkinson also took part in Brazil, performing Gunshu (staff) in the morning and finishing fifth to go with his fifth in Changquan (open hand).

Unfortunately, he pulled out of Daoshu (broadsword) as he felt some pain in
his groin muscle and decided not ro risk further injury.

He said: “I definitely could have finished the routine but decided it was not worth it since it was only a warm-up for the World Games.”