The fights are underway during the sold-out All or Nothing event. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
The fights are underway during the sold-out All or Nothing event. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13: The All or Nothing fight night is a sell out. The crowd is pouring into the Fairmont Southampton to see a series of 10 bouts whih will be topped by the WBA-WBC middleweight unifciation bout between Teresa Perozzi and American Tori 'Sho Nuff' Nelson. That bout isn't expected to happen until after 11pm with the fights starting at 8pm.

The Sun will provide updates throughout the night. Please refresh for updates.

12:27: The Perozzi v Nelson fight is a draw. The final score was 98-92 for Perozzi by the Bermuda judge with the two international judges both scoring the fight 95-95.

12:21 What a tenth! Blows to the final bell with Perozzi looking slightly better.

12:17: Nelson appears to have had the best in the eighth and ninth rounds.

12:08: Diffifult to say which fighter got the best out of the fifth and sixth rounds.

12:02: Good round for Teresa in the fourth.

11:56: Neither boxer backing down in the second round.

11:53: The fighters go toe-to-toe in a first round slugfest.

11:46: Gombeys are leading Teresa Perozzi in and the floor is shaking as the crowd is on its feet! 'Eye of the Tiger' is playing and the fans are going nuts.

11:37: Jennifer Salinas of Bolivia beat American Karen Dulin by unanimous decision. All three judges had it 60 to 54 for Salinas. She won every round on every card.

10:54: In a very close bout the Amtac International Middleweight title goes to Kechecgo.

10:34: Sentwali Woolridge and Daniel Kechecgo are fighting for the Amtac International Middleweight title.

10:28: Anton Patockie Anada beat Samir Furquan of Bermuda on a TKO.

10:18: Jeron Gunness of Bermuda beat Canada's Edward Pierce.

10:00: Corey Boyce beat Khalid Pitcher in a highly entertaining kickboxing bout.

9:30: The fight between Bermuda's Nikki Bascome and Canada's Justin Garrant wasn't scored because it was an exhibition.
There will be an intermission, then the kickboxing begins. There will be three kickboxing matches.

9:10: Shannon Ford of Bermuda beat Mike Gale of Canada on points.

8:45: Stephen Wright beat Deondre Burgess.

8:30: The first fight of the night, Danzil Smith vs Jared "The Satin Latin" Jiminez, was not scored as it was an exhibition.