<strong>Quinnae Outerbridge</strong> topped the podium at the KPMG Front Street Mile when she won the Primary School Girls Division in 2010. <em>*File photo by Kageaki Smith</em>
Quinnae Outerbridge topped the podium at the KPMG Front Street Mile when she won the Primary School Girls Division in 2010. *File photo by Kageaki Smith

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 29: It was a great weekend for Quinnae Outerbridge. The young runner eclipsed her own personal best for the 1500m and qualified for the Carifta Games in 5:10.12. The 13-year-old is tall for her age at 5’5 and is part of great group of young female middle distance runners vying for spots on Bermuda’s team this April.

She spoke with Don Burgess about her Carifta hopes and running.


How did you become involved with running?

When I was a little girl, my mom put me in the Telford Electric Mile and every since then I started running. The first one I competed in I came in fourth but I won the second one I ran in.

What do you like about running?

I just enjoy it.

Do you prefer track or cross-country?

I really like cross-country because I’m not running in circles all day, but I also like the track because it provides a better grip.

There’s a lot of competition for the 800m and 1500m spots for the Under-17s. How does that help or hurt?

There’s quite a bit of girls in my age group so I have to work hard to try and beat them.

You qualified for Carifta last year but didn’t have one of the two fastest times in order to make the team. How does that inspire you this time around?

I want to work harder and get my times faster than they were before.

What does it mean to you to have Carifta in Bermuda?

It means a lot because we have to try to be the best and support our country. It doesn’t matter about competing against all the other Bermuda girls because we’ll come together as a team.

With school out on April 9 for Carifta, does that add pressure or provide a boost having the stands packed with Bermuda students?

It makes it better because I’ll have more people shouting for me and will help get my hyped so I might run faster.

What do you want to do with track after you graduate from high school?

I would like to see if I can get a scholarship from running.

What do you feel is your best performance?

I won the Front Street Mile in primary school in 2010. I felt excited to win and I just kept smiling as I didn’t know what else to do.

What do you like about that race?

It’s on the road and there are a lot of spectators cheering me on. This year it was hard running in the wind and the rain.

What sort of advice does your coach give you?

My coach is Mike Watson and he always tells us to give 80 per cent in training so when we compete we can be better by doing 100 per cent.

Do you have any special friendships with other runners?

With Messiah (Greaves). She’s my cousin and we work together a lot and she’s a twin like me.

Do you do any other sports?

Netball. I play goal defence and sometimes shooting. I have an advantage because I’m tall so I can jump higher.

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