Donna Watson is confident Bermuda will claim more than the six medals it earned at last year's Carifta Games. The Bermuda Track and Field president says the island has a strong 22-member team headed to the Cayman Islands next weekend.

In 2009 Bermuda was seventh overall in the medals table with two silver and four bronze, which was a marked improvement from 2008's one bronze performance.

Bermuda's young athletes will be coached by Devon Bean (head coach), Michele Williams (team manager), Mike Watson (distance coach), Shirline Dill (physiotherapist) and Bill Euler (sprints and jumps coach).

Watson will also be going on the trip and she spoke with Don Burgess about this year's team.

Under 17 Girls

Shuntae Hendrickson

Event: 1500m

Time: 5:15.29

Club: Flyers

Hendrickson was close to making the A standard, but missed it by 0.29 seconds. This will be the first time she's done the 1500m at Carifta as in 2009 she competed in the 800m. She'll be looking to set a personal best against the high grade competition.

Akeila Richardson

Event: Triple jump

Distance: 10.87 (this year), 11.56 (last Carifta)

Club: Gerry Swan

Richardson brought home bronze in last year's games and is expected to be a podium threat again this time. The CedarBridge Academy student is jumping even better this year. No under-17 girl has ever won two Carifta medals in the triple jump for Bermuda so Richardson could make history here.

Under 20 Girls

Alexis Bean


Time: 2:13

Club: Gerry Swan

College: St. John's University

The former Warwick Academy student set the Bermuda Junior national records in the 1500m and 800m with times of 4:45 and 2:13. "I think she'll be in the medals."

Ashley Berry

Event: 3000m

Time: 10:41:80

Club: Flyers Track Club

Berry set the Bermuda junior record in last year's Carifta Games. Watson feels Berry could break that mark and be on the podium as she already ran a sub-10:42.00 this season on an indoor track. "She was nowhere close to this time last year so she's ahead of the game. My prediction is she's definitely going to medal and get more than a bronze this year."

Allison Outerbridge

Event: Triple jump

Distance: 11.89

Club: Gerry Swan

Outerbridge was fifth last year and with another year of competition under her belt, is expected to be a medal threat. "If she jumps, what we expect she can jump. I predict that Allison can be in the medals."

Jasmine Brunson

Event: Long jump

Distance: 6.13m

College: Clemson University

Club: Mid-island Striders

"She's been doing excellent so far this track season. What she's been jumping should put her in first place at Carifta. University has helped her tremendously. She's improved by .30 metres. If she doesn't get the gold she should definitely be on the podium."

Taylor Ashley Bean

Event: 1500m

Time: 5:04.49

Club: Gerry Swan

Watson said Bean is moving up to the Under-20 girls so it will be tough for her to get a medal. Most of her competition will be running sub-five minutes so unless Bean gets a personal best, she'll be using this meet to garner experience. "You never know on the day," Watson said. "She may rise to the occasion."

Under 17 Boys

Juma Mouchette

Events: 1500m, 3000m

Times: 4:23.60 9:51.70

Club: Pacers

Mouchette represented Bermuda in the cross country championships and ran really well. That experience will help him as he meets some of the same competitors here. "Juma may be a surprise for us." He made the A standard in both events and should be up amongst the leaders.

Kameron Creighton

Event: 3000m

Time: 9:38.70

Club: Flyers

Another runner who represented Bermuda at the cross country championships. "Cross country and track are different, but Kameron like his team-mates came back to Bermuda excited about competing. He's pumped up." Creighton set the inter-school record in the 3000m two weeks ago and is primed to be a medal contender.

Jeneko Place

Events: 100m, 200m, 4x100m

Time: 10:78, 21:78

Club: Xavier James

Watson feels Place could come away with two medals. "He's having a fantastic year and he's starting to come into his own." He was fifth and fourth in the 100m and 200m in his Carifta debut in 2008. Won the 100m and 200m in a Florida meet earlier this month.

Dage Minors

Event: 1500m

Time: 4:27.54

Club: Flyers Track club

Minors will be one of the younger competitors in this age group so Watson said a good Carifta meet would see him set a new personal best. "This is going to be a good experience for him since this is his first Carifta. He's running well, but the expectations have to be realistic." He also qualified in the 3000m, but countries were limited to two entries.

Daniel Emery

Event: 4x100m

Club: Gerry Swan

Going to help form Bermuda's 4x100 relay team, an event Bermuda last medaled in 1978. "One of my goals was to have an Under-17 relay team."

Scott Clarke

Event: 4x100m

Club: Xavier James

Part of the embarrassment of riches Bermuda has in the sprinting department. Watson said Bermud has thrown together runners to have a relay team, but this is the first effort at having a real squad of runners compete in a long while. "We may not medal, but we should be competitive and can build on that.

Blaine Simmons

Event: 100m, 4x100m

Time: 10.90

Club: Gerry Swan

Simmons could find his way to the final with a personal best. A talented young sprinter who has a bright future ahead of him.

Christian Wright

Events: Long jump, 4x100m

Distance: 6.75m

Club: Mid-Island Striders

Wright is one of the unexpected discoveries on this year's squad. "We've watched him jump. He's definitely in medal contention if he can jump 6.75m. His technique is good. I think we've found a jewel." The only downside is this is first international competition but Watson believes he can handle it.

Bruce DeGrilla

Event: Long jump

Distance: 6.35m

Club: Mid-Island Striders

This is the first Carifta Games for the 15-year-old. He did win a gold medal at the CAC Age Group championships in 2009, but Carifta is a step up for the talented multi-sport star. "Hopefully, he gets a good jump in and sets a PB."

Under 20 Boys

Trey Simons

Events: 1500m, 5000m

Times: 4:09.09, 16:09.70

Club: Pacers Track Club

Simons was a double medalist in 2009 at the Under-17 level. "The way he's running, Trey still has the possibility of medaling in either of those events or both," said Watson.

Ryan Furbert

Event: High jump

Distance: 1.95m

Club: Pacers Track Club

"He has a ton of talent, but we can't just seem to channel it. Ryan's a person who likes a big crowd. He can handle the pressure so Carifta should be to his liking. We can't count Ryan out in an event like this. Ryan's a big day performer so the possibilities for him are endless."

Henry Stevens-Carty

Event: 800m

Distance: 1:54.70

Club: Away in Atlanta

Competed at the Georgia State meet and made the finals. "Any athlete that's running 1:55 and below is a medal possibility at Carifta."

Tristan Joynes

Event: 110m hurdles

Time: 14.93

Club: Away at school in Memphis

"I'm very excited because we haven't had a hurdler in Carifta in quote a while." Antoine Stirling is the only person to medal for Bermuda at the Carifta Games in the Under-20 men hurdles. "I remember last year watching him at the track going over the hurdles and asking 'My God, who is that'?" Watson said he has really good form and his time puts him with a chance to step on the podium.

Shaquille Dill

Event: 800m

Distance: 1:55.85

Club: Gerry Swan

"For whatever reason, it seems like we breed middle distance runners. We've got a lot of 800, 1500, 3000 and 5000 metres runners. He's one of our 800 metres phenomenons." Watson feels that he will thrive facing the competition and could medal.

Shawn Herman

Event: 5000m

Distance: 16:10.81

Club: Flyers Track Club

"He's a surprise." Herman had to make the qualifying standard at 5000 metres because of the depth of talent at the smaller distances, but he stepped up to the challenge and got it done. It will be his first international track meet."