WEDNESDAY, FEB. 1: Warwick Workman’s Club 2 and Warwick Workman’s Club 1 shared the spoils from their intra-club match.

Leon Smith defeated Andre Burgess 49-36. Wally Tucker won the double frame games 41-30 and  51-26 against James Talbot. Gary Bascome kept his clean slate going by defeating Timmy Sousa 51-45 on the black ball. The doubles game was won by Courtland Furbert and Smith (57) by defeating Reuben Burchall and Sousa 26.

WSC1 4, SBC1 3

Watford Sports Club 1 and Sandys Boat Club 1 had to split the high break for the night giving Watford a narrow win of 4 – 3.

Peter Bromby defeated Tony DeSilva in the double frame games 55-33 and 58-22 to give Sandys an early start to the night.

Steven Bremar put Watford on the board by defeating Stuart Matthews 58-14. Maurice Hawkins kept things going by defeating Martin Siese 66-28.

The doubles game team up of Bremar and Hawkins won their game against Siese and Jose’ Berrios 52-29.

The high break was shared between Bromby and Bremar.

RHADC2 1, WSC2 5

Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club 2 went down to Watford Sports Club Two by a score of 5 – 1.

Aaron Bean defeated Bart Lewis 78 – 28. Andrew Pratt tied the games by defeating Roger “Sticks” Henderson 60 – 34.

Tony Dawson won his two games 61-22 and 40-38 over Jon Pedro.

Timmy Simons and Bean (49) won the doubles match by beating Lewis and Pratt (19).

SPBC2 6, SPBC3 0

Spanish Point Boat Club 2 had no mercy for their sister team Spanish Point Boat Club 3 by defeating them 6 – 0.

Chris Dakin defeated Michael Camara 51-27. Ed Gumbs beat Stephen Panchaud 48-14. Stewart Greenslade knocked Stephen Holloway off his perfect winning streak by defeating him 47-16 and 59-28 in the double frame games.

The doubles match saw Denis Coyle and Dakin defeat Camara and Panchaud  51-22.

QC2 4, RAA2 2

Queen’s Club 2 defeated Royal Artillery Association Two with a score 4 – 2.

Andy Peniston got the lone two points for RAA 2 by defeating Jimmy McGill both games 57-17 and 57-24. John Burns put Queen’s on the board by defeating John Pereira 50-8.

Rick Dorush defeated Jonathan Peniston 59-34.

The doubles match saw Greg Swinbourne and Dorush defeat Pereira and Peniston 39-29.

RAA1 3, QC1 3

Royal Artillery Association 1 and Queen’s Club 1 drew their match.

Mike Zimmerman won the first of the double frame games by defeating Honky Burrows 38-29. Burrows won the second game 48-36.

Mike McGowan defeated Matt Garrod 40-33.

It was a black ball game for Karl Wilson and Joe Hayward with Wilson coming out the winner 48-40. Kat Wilson made her return to the league by teaming up with Garrod to win their doubles match against Hayward and McGowen 57-49.

Aaron Bean captured the high break of 24 for the night.

KO Tournament

In the Island Construction Knock Out Tournament, Watford Sports Club 1 secured their spot in the semi-finals by defeating Sandys Boat Club One 3 to 1.

Maurice Hawkins put Watford on the board by winning his game against Martin Siese 53-38. Tony DeSilva defeated Stuart Matthews 59 – 27.

Peter Bromby gave Sandys some hope by defeating Steven Bremar 76-33.

The fourth game saw Zane DeSilva defeat “Bo” Bromby 51-18 for Watford the match.

Warwick Workman’s Club 2 defeated Sandy’s Boat Club 2 by 3 to 1.

Andre Burgess defeated Duncan 61 – 15. Richard Beale evened things up by defeating Reuben Burchall 44 – 22.

Timmy Sousa put Warwick ahead again by defeating Aaron Carvello 69 – 38 and the final game saw Wally Tucker defeat Chris Bromby 51 – 16.

Spanish Point Boat Club 2 defeated Royal Artillery Association 2 by a 3 – 1 margin.

Stewart Greenslade defeated John Gibbons 78 – 17.

Andy Peniston put RAA  on the board by defeating Chris Dakin 74 – 22 and Ed Gumbs and Denis Coyle won their games by default.

Warwick Workman’s Club 1 defeated Queen’s Club 2 3 – 1. Leon Smith dusted off his cue to win his games against Greg Swinbourne 61 – 29. Gary Bascome kept the winning streak going by defeating John Burns 66 – 31. Rick Dorush put Queen’s on board by defeating Courtland Furbert while James Talbot defeated Jimmy McGill 62 – 29.

The semi finals are scheduled to be played on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012.

Penny DeSilva is the public relations officer for the Bermuda Snooker Association.