Keino Zuill won a place in the Tournament of Champions after claiming victory in the Miller Handicap Snooker Challenge Tournament on Sunday.

Nick Siese, representing Sandys Boat Club, made his debut by entering the tournament at the tender age of 13. 

Siese did not make it past the preliminary match but his play was impressive,  with the second game going all the way to the black ball.

In the first semi final match, Keino Zuill and Richard Beale went to three games. After a very close first game that Zuill won 52-51, Beale won the second 48-37.

However, Zuill secured his path into the finals by winning the third game 70-56. Zuill had to spot Beale three points to start.

The second semi-final was between team-mates Peter Bromby and Martin Siese. Bromby won  two straight games 58-47 and 44-22 — and had to spot Siese 10 points to start.

Zuill and Bromby battled it out in the finals, with Bromby spotting Zuill 11 points to start each game. 

In a race to three, Zuill won the first and second games 56-27 and 46-41. However, Bromby would not give up without a fight and claimed the third game 62-36 before Zuill claimed the title with a 52-42 win in the fourth.

Players qualified for the Tournament of Champions are: Tony DeSilva, Maurice Hawkins, Honky Burrows and Keino Zuill. It takes place on Wednesday, April 9 at 7pm at Spanish Point Boat Club.

League action

Meanwhile, in league action, Watford Sports Club1 defeated Spanish Point Boat Club 5-2. 

Zane DeSilva won his game against Chris Dakin 62-49, Ray DeSilva defeated Stewart Greenslade 73-24 and Maurice Hawkins
and Ed Gumbs split two games.

Hawkins won the first game 59-38 before Gumbs won the second 69-49. Doubles partners Zane DeSilva/Ray DeSilva defeated Greenslade/Dakin 42-31.

Warwick Workmen’s Club1 and Sandys Boat Club tied 3-3. Courtland Furbert and Peter Bromby each won a game in the double frame match. 

Furbert won the first game 81-56 and Bromby the second game 58-51. Richard Beale came from behind to defeat Gary Bascombe 56-49 and Martin Siese won his game against Andre Burgess 45-20. 

The doubles game saw James Talbot/Bascombe win by just three points against Beale/Siese 43-40. 

Penny DeSilva is the press officer for the Bermuda Snooker Association.