Warwick Workman’s Club 2 defeated Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club 6-0 in the latest round of Bermuda Snooker League matches.

Nadanja Bailey won his game against Ross Spurling 44-17, while Reuben Burchall defeated Jon Pedro 44-13. Keith Smith won his two games against Tom Cunningham 62-24 and 49-37. 

The doubles games was won by Burchall/Bailey against Spurling/Pedro 52-15.

Warwick Workman’s Club 1 defeated Royal Artillery Association 4-2. Gary Bascombe won his game against Fred Richardson 84-12, while Andre Burgess and Jacal Washington split a game each.

Burgess won the first game 58-24 and Washington won the second game 46-22. Honky Burrows defeated Courtland Furbert 60-47.

In a close doubles match Bascombe/James Talbot narrowly defeated Richardson/Burrows 57-52.

The high break of 18 for the night was shared by Keith Smith and Gary Bascombe 

The match between Spanish Point Boat Club and Watford Sports Club 1 was postponed.

In a make-up game Sandys Boat Club and Warwick Workman’s Club 1 fought out a 3-3 draw. 

Andre Burgess and Richard Beale split a game each — Burgess won the first game 50-38 and Beale won the second game 66-26.

Peter Bromby defeated Gary Bascombe 85-35 and Martin Siese won his game against Courtland Furbert 71-18. 

Bascombe/James Talbot won the doubles game against Bromby/Siese 60-29.

Penny DeSilva is the press officer for the Bermuda Snooker League.