Talk about changing horses in mid-stream. Jillian Terceira will now be Bernuda's show jumping representative in the Olympics.

As reported in the Bermuda Sun two weeks ago, the Bermuda Equestrian Federation had selected Patrick Nisbett and Antille to go to the Beijing Games over Terceira and Chaka. At the time Terceira was 'shocked and disappointed' by the 'absurd' decision to pick rival Patrick Nisbett ahead of her as Bermuda's equestrian representative for the 2008 games. Terceira thought she was the better choice.

She'll now get a chance to prove her point as Nisbett has edcided to withdraw.

Michael Cherry, Bermuda Equestrian Federation president, said: "Patrick's horse went to a show last weekend in Spain and his horse didn't take well to the travel. They got stuck in the mountains because the truck broke down so Patrick decided that his horse really shouldn't be taking the journey to Hong Kong."

Cherry added: "That's really unfortunate for him, but Jilly was in a position where she was the reserve and has jumped into the breach. If her horse hadn't qualified on the very last day, we would have been horseless."

Cherry, who is also vice-president of the Bermuda Olympic Association, said: "She has the support of the Equestrian Federation and the Olympic Federation. She will be a good representative for us."

He added that Nisbett did wish "good luck to Jill."

The team will start heading to China on Saturday with chef de mission Phil Guishard paving the way.