Two in a row? Kristyn Robinson is the hot favourite for the women-only triathlon. *Photo by Ras Mykkal
Two in a row? Kristyn Robinson is the hot favourite for the women-only triathlon. *Photo by Ras Mykkal

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31: Two-time Olympian Flora Duffy has confirmed she will be in Bermuda this weekend to take part in the SheROX triathlon.

Neil de ste Croix, race director for the SheROX Bermuda triathlon, said Duffy would be back to line up alongside top competitors Belinda Castree and Kristyn Robinson when the race starts on Sunday.

De ste Croix said: “We’re expecting about 200 competitors.” He said about 50 per cent of those are local with 100 triathletes coming in from overseas.

“Flora Duffy will be here but she’ll only be doing it as a demo if she turns up. It would be a huge boost for people to see her. To see someone who has come from being a triathlete at the age of seven to competing in two Olympics.”

De ste Croix also had high praise for Duffy’s recent 13th place performance at the World Championships.

“It was a stellar performance for her.”

He said Robinson is the definite favourite but also battling it out for podium spots are 2010 winner Karen Smith, Belinda Castree and Emma Rego.  

“Emma has just come off an awesome half Ironman performance in Miami, whether she’s tired or not we won’t know until she races. It is going to be pretty interesting in the Elite Division.”

Robinson said she likes the course, which starts at the Fairmont Southampton.

“It has more hills and you have the climb right when you get out of transition. It can be quite technical for some people, but it’s fun. 

“Obviously, the scenery is quite beautiful so you have to remind yourself to ‘focus, you’re in a race, don’t look at the scenery’. Once you get to the run it’s the same path for the bike so it’s a good butt workout.”

Robinson said she’s going to give it her all to defend the title but “there is quite a lot of talented women who are going to be showing up, including Flora, so I’m kind of excited to be racing against them.”

Smith, who has been first and third in the two previous SheRox here, said: “It’s nice to have our own event that’s not being overshadowed by the top men.

“It’s a great event to get people out participating that you don’t normally see at the other triathlons.”

She added the course is beautiful, which is a plus.

“The swim down to the Fairmont, the beach there is just gorgeous. The ride along south shore is quite scenic and it just changes up the courses that we’ve had before here either in town or down at Southside. It also showcases our island to our visitors.”

Smith said while herself and Robinson may be the local favourites, the unknown variable is the overseas competition.

“We could be surprised and this race may bring out people who normally don’t do triathlon.”

Castree said: “I do love the fact that this empowers women in the sport. It makes it less intimidating for them. Racing against men can be extremely intimidating so the fact that it’s an all-women’s triathlon is a great thing.”

She pointed to Robinson being one of the favourites but Smith could also be up for the top podium spot. 

Castree said how she does all depends on the day. “It depends on the weather and the conditions for the swim and the wind for the bike. I’m going to give 100 per cent but there are a lot of good girls doing it. It will be a good race.”

“This race isn’t laps, which I prefer. With laps I see people catching me up on the run. With it being just one lap, you don’t have too much of an idea who’s coming up behind you.”