Spartans 5-2 Upstarts

Upstarts’ keeper was a no-show so in a sporting gesture to avoid them being short, Spartans’ Junior Hemijah Bean went in goal for the Upstarts.

It was an intense hockey game from the start, with both teams attacking and defending well. Spartans’ Alex Godet was the ‘playmaker’ and his team broke through with a field goal in the fifth minute, with Samuel Thompson striking a powerful ball from the top of the circle.  

Two minutes later, Upstarts’ Tyler Smith tied the scores before doubling his tally in the 17th minute to put his team ahead. 

Spartans’ Joshua Thompson then levelled and, after a bad foul, his team went 3-2 up thanks to Samuel Thompson.

Too much negative chatter on the field saw the captains summoned for a chat and the second half saw Spartans wrap up the win.

Firstly, Donovan Simmons found Joshua Thompson who scored his second field goal of the game before Alex Godet applied the coup de grace thanks to a penalty corner in the 59th minute.

Women’s matches

Canaries B 1-1 Wildcats B

Wildcats’ Ashley Steede scored a field goal in the 19th minute of the first half, while Canaries’ Lesley Jane Smith scored in the second half to level things up.

 Swallows B 2-3 Bluebirds B

Bluebirds dominated the opening exchanges and were rewarded with a quick field goal with just 45 seconds on the clock. 

Courtney Fassler received the ball in midfield and she slipped it to Jo-Ann Smith at the top of the circle, who crossed to an unmarked Paula Few who, in turn, fired past the helpless keeper.  

This quick goal sparked the Bluebirds into more action and they increased their lead in the 17th minute from a solo run down the right sideline by Maria Harris. 

She sent a well-directed pass to the top of the circle to find the stick of Smith who netted superbly.

Smith again beat the Swallows’ defence to register her second field goal in the 23rd minute.

And even though Swallows continued to mount pressure on the Bluebirds, each attempt was thwarted by keeper Vicki Johnston and some awesome defending. The first half ended 3-0 to the Bluebirds.

The second period resumed with continued pressure from both sides. Swallows’ Liz Stewart scored three minutes in and Kelli Nusum successively converted a penalty corner in the 59th minute from a hard push at the top of the circle.  

Stewart nearly converted again, which would have made the game even, but great play by the Bluebirds keeper saw them win 3-2.


Budgies B 1-0 Longtails B

The first half of this match remained scoreless, despite great set plays by the Longtails whether it be attacking or defending.

Budgies, though, emerged winners thanks to Francesca Cacace’s penalty corner shot in the 62nd minute.