Women’s A League

Longtails 2-3 Budgies

Budgies’ Keishae Robinson slammed home a shot at goal from the top of the circle after being awarded a penalty corner in the 22nd minute.

Longtails’ Selina Whitter then drew level through a  penalty corner in the 30th minute.

But it was Budgies who got the edge again when Jasmine Patterson’s netted after an assist by Francesca Cacace, who crossed from the left side.

Longtails’ Maya Palacio levelled things up with just four minutes rremaining.

But in the last minute, Budgies’ Francesca Cacace’s field goal sealed the game.

It came about when Keishae Robinson crossed the ball to the far right post of the goal and, with the ball looking like going out, Tse Minors reached it and crossed it back along the line where Cacace banged the ball home.

Women’s B League

Longtails 0-0 Canaries B

Longtails’ star player Maya Palacio wasn’t feeling well so Selina Whitter steppen in to be the playmaker and she did a fine job. Despite the efforts of both teams, the match remained scoreless.

Budgies 4-1 Bluebirds

Budgies’ first field goal came in the 17th minute after a Francesca Cacace solo run near the 50-metre area. 

The game was tied up by  Bluebirds’ Jo-Ann Smith in the 28th minute after she outpaced Jasmine Patterson.

An unmarked Jessica Almeida slipped the ball to the right of the Bluebirds’ keeper to put the Budgies back in front.

And they extended their lead from a penalty corner. Keishae Robinson’s shot from top circle was saved on the line by a Bluebirds’ defender but the loose ball was tucked in by Budgies Kaitlyn Miller.

Budgies last goal came two minutes later by Robinson.

Wildcats 0-0 Swallow B 

 Wildcats team of Ryce Trott, Alecia Holder, Gemma Godfrey and Pier Simons played well with good passing but Swallows’ keeper cleared away any loose balls.

Wildcats’ keeper had a more quiet game but despite a lot of effort on both sides, the match remained scoreless. n