Did we really do that? Collie Buddz and Glenn Jones share a joke during their matchplay battle at Port Royal Golf Course as Scott Roy, right, looks on. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Did we really do that? Collie Buddz and Glenn Jones share a joke during their matchplay battle at Port Royal Golf Course as Scott Roy, right, looks on. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

Reggae man Collie Buddz proved he can keep his flow going on and off the golf course —  despite a 5&4 defeat to Bermuda Sun’s Glenn Jones as the two finally went head to head at Port Royal.

The much-hyped Capital G Golfer in the Making Series saw the two go toe to toe on Tuesday after weeks of trash-talking over the matchplay event.

As well as the Buddz v Jones face-off, there was also a simultaneous team matchplay contest, with the two golfers enlisting their PGA-qualified coaching mentors — Scott Roy teaming up with Buddz and Paul Adams (Tucker’s Point) joining forces with Jones.

Jones, much to his obvious delight, claimed the individual prize with a 5&4 win, while the Jones/Adams combo took team honours courtesy of a 4&3 success.

Buddz, though, was keen not to let the two defeats take the shine off the day — or stop his verbal assault on adversary Jones.

“I was saying about how Glenn brought his shorts to the course,” he said, “because I’ve never seen anyone be in the sand so much without going to Horseshoe.”

The match was filmed by Bermuda Sports Network for most of the front nine, something Buddz — so used to performing in front of his fans — admitted shook his concentration.

Thankfully the pros competing in the Bermuda Open on the course in the morning weren’t around to see Buddz and Jones grapple with the course and the TV crew early on.

Buddz said: “I’m used to being in front of the camera but I didn’t know it was going to be six holes of PGA footage! You know, I already had enough thoughts going through my head with the swing so with the cameras it kind of added to it all. It was cool, though. They were interviewing us and I was saying how my favourite part of the course was the drink kart! It was fun.”

“My game’s come a long way. I’ve got a good teacher in Scott Roy.  We had one lesson and then we played and it felt good. We didn’t hack it though – we hit a few bad shots. I mean Glenn almost took everyone’s heads off bouncing a shot around the trees a couple of times but that was early out and after that he was golden.”

Jones took the Champagne moment for his par at four that saw him escape from not one but two bunkers. Even Buddz doffed his cap at that but it was clear from the post-match exchange that revenge is already on the singer’s mind.

Jones: “This could be going until we’re old and grey.

Buddz: “Hopefully by then we’re 15 handicap. I beat him before so this wipes the slate clean.

Jones: “Except I don’t plan losing ever.

Buddz: “We’re even put it that way. I felt bad the first time I beat him so bad, so I had to give him one back.

Jones: “You see, he even talks trash in defeat. It’s also a testament to Paul’s instruction because Collie beat me last time but because I had five weeks with Paul I beat him.

Buddz: “I thought it was three weeks? It gets more every time we talk! So it’s either one lesson with Scott or five with Paul.

Glenn: I’ll pay for your lessons then…

Buddz: “Wo… it’s on.”

Buddz v Jones II looks to be on cards but it’s probably fitting the final say on the match was from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

Coach Roy said: “As an instructor and a local professional it’s great to hear the excitement from these two to keep playing the game. There’s a lot of people out there who don’t get the help and it just goes to show that going to a qualified PGA professional, you can improve on your game very quickly.

“Me and Collie had one lesson and I’m very pleased with the improvements he’s made, transforming that on to the golf course, in a major match, with the cameras rolling.”

Buddz added: “I have to thank Gosling’s for our stylish gear. We looked good if nothing else.”