As spring approaches, Bermuda’s love of golf will take centre stage over the next six weeks in a first-of-its-kind cross-platform project called the Capital G Golfer in the Making Series.

The Bermuda Sun will track one local golf enthusiast’s journey as he takes golf instruction, enters his first official golf tournament and challenges singer/songwriter Collie Buddz to a one-on-one contest on the golf course. 

All of it will be tracked using the media tools of the Sun — online, in print, with video and on social media.

Glenn Jones, who is a recreational golfer and part of the Sun’s parent company MediaHouse, will be the subject of the project.

“I’m going to either surprise myself with great progress or humiliate myself with a complete meltdown, but either way, it’ll be fun,” said Jones.  “All I really care about is beating Collie Buddz anyway — all else is secondary,” he said.

Bermuda Sun golf columnist Paul Adams, Rosewood Tucker’s Point PGA director of golf, is the instructor for the Capital G Golfer in the Making Series. He will prepare Glenn for the Bacardi World Par 3 Championship, March 23-24, and the head-to-head match up against Collie Buddz on March 19.

“This is an excellent way for the Sun to show off its talents as a media company with a truly multimedia approach,” said Bermuda Sun president Lisa Beauchamp.  “Our readers can follow Paul’s and Glenn’s progress from teaching to training to tournament — in the newspaper, on video, on the Internet and via social media. This is the way we cover the news everyday, so it’s fun to use the same tools to engage golf fans.”

Adams will chronicle his weeks of instruction in his Bermuda Sun golf column every Friday. The Bermuda Sun sports team will cover Glenn’s journey as well.  Finally, the newspaper’s online team will publish videos, photo galleries and coverage on social media.

Capital G’s head of business banking Rob Bernardino, himself a golfer, backed the idea as there is a natural synergy between banking and golfing. Jones and Adams began working together February 12, 2013 and the first wave of content will publish today. 

The first online video publishes tomorrow (Feb 28). People who follow the series will be asked to contribute along the way, including an online pool where they’ll choose the local golf course Glenn and Collie play their grudge match.