FRIDAY, MAR. 16: The first annual Women’s Futsal All-star Game is slated for Saturday night at 7pm at Bermuda College.

Organizer Peter Sousa said it’s been a great first season and the all-star match was a perfect way to end the season.

West: Aaliyah Nolan (PHC), Kali Lespere (PHC), Sideya Dill (PHC), Asia Daniels (SCC) K’Sheala Burch Waldron (Dandy Stars 1), Salina Thompson (DS1), Rayni Maybury (DS1), Cleshaunay Darrell-Virgil (DS2), Atiya Symonds (DS2), Jaylen Bean (DS2), Jasmine Simmons (SCC), Sierra Fisher (SCC), Sharri Waldron (SCC) and Chelsea Harvey (SCC). Coach: Aaron Denkins

East: Cheyra Bell (Robin Hood), Precious Smith (RH), Kashintae Fox (RH), Sharifa Crockwell (RH), Tschana Wade (NV), Whitnae Duerr (NV), Khlya Brangman (NV), Sandra Medeiros (YMSC), KiSeante Grant (YMSC), Deborah Menezes (YMSC), Satyrah Robinson (YMSC), Jadae Steede-Hill (HPWC), Bridgette Basden (HPWC), LeiLanni Nesbeth (HPWC). Coach: Chevonne Furbert.

In last weekend’s games:


Lest there be any doubt as to who the league champs were, North Village finished the season with a goal thumping performance over Hamilton Parish.

Tschana Wade led the way for the Lady Rams with five goals but teammates Khyla Brangman and Whitnae Duerr both had hat-tricks.

There were plenty of accolades to go around as Kyla Ramatar had a brace with Julia Outerbridge, Carrie Stroble and Leanne Yates all scoring in the titanic win.

Despite the loss, HPWC’s  LeiLanni Nesbeth made sure that they avoided a whitewash.


Sarah Schroder debuted in spectacular fashion as she had a five pack to lead Somerset Trojans to a dominating 9 to 1 victory over Social Club.

Tasia Trott had a brace as Sharri Weldon and Sierra Fisher round out the scoring for SCC.

Tamesha Wolfe kept the zero off the scoreboard for Social Club.

Dandy Stars Two 1, PHC 4

Kalay Hollis’ two goals were all PHC needed to beat Dandy Stars Two, but teammates Aaliyah Nolan and Kali Lespere each chipped in a goal to make this a resounding victory for the Warwick club.

Lakila Hart scored in the second half for Dandy Stars Two.

Dandy Stars One 3, Hood 5

Robin Hood slipped past Dandy Stars in an entertaining match. Hood had to manage without leading scorer Cheyra Bell, but Tamisha Darrell provided leadership by netting three goals.

Precious Smith and Zakiya Maynard each had one to help put the finishing touches on this Hood victory.

K’Shaela Burch-Waldron had a brace for Town while Rayni Maybury also had a goal in a valiant losing effort.