Word of advice: David Bascome gives instruction to some Baltimore Blast players. *Photo supplied
Word of advice: David Bascome gives instruction to some Baltimore Blast players. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, MAR. 16: It has been three years since I have written my last column. Three years have passed and many things have happened in my life through sports, business and personal. My columns will be about empowering my young people, sports and life issues; I will also update you on my professional team the Baltimore Blast.

This year the Baltimore Blast has been doing very well. We finished the season 18-6 with the best record in the league and we are now heading to the Championship series against the Milwaukee Wave.

We will play the first leg of the best of three games on Friday in Baltimore and the second and third leg (if necessary) in Milwaukee.

The games will be live on the Internet on MISL.net ( go to the live icon). The game starts on Friday 8:35pm Bermuda time.

We are expecting a battle this weekend. Milwaukee is a very good team and for us to win another championship we will have to play smart and minimize our mistakes on the field and pay very close attention to the little details.

This has been a big rivalry between us for the past 10 years. When you have two clubs who has been around for many years and share a number of championships you would expect nothing less than a game with passion, emotion and high intensity.

Winning a championship is special and is the greatest completed task one could ask for in the game. 

This week I want to talk about making it to the “finish line”. There are many athletes and people that have worked so hard and never made it to the finish line. There are so many who have sacrificed so much and have set high standards and goals but seem to never have completed their final task.

Sometimes I wonder why? I wonder if they fear to finish knowing that their next challenge will be that much greater, or I wonder if just before the finish line they get distracted with other things and plan to finish at a later time but never seem to get back in the race again.

For some people I wonder if they even have the vision to see the finish line and then just give up or do some people just feel if they do not finish first then why bother to start the race?

The Finish Line could destroy us but it could make us great — it could end our hopes or could broaden our lives and strengthen our beliefs.

The Finish Line is a thin line between failure and success all we need to do is understand that crossing it first, second, third or even last will be the easy part — it is the journey along the way of getting there where the focus and hard work is required because there will be many sacrifices that have to be made along the way.

As you prepare to be a great athlete or a great person you must understand the importance of the struggle and you must maintain your focus on finishing the task at hand.

All the hard work and the reason why you started that journey for greatness has to be recognized and understood. To finish that race towards greatness you will have to battle through negativity, peer pressure, bad influences and people with no hope or desire.

Remember finishing anything in your life, if it is rehab, a test, a dream, a job or even just a simple task you will have to dig deep and believe in yourself — believe you are special and believe you could be great. Understand you will never know how you finish in the race if you never start in the first place.

Until Next Time!