<strong>Solid</strong>: National team coach David Moore said young players like Joshua Gilbert will help forge a new identity for Bermuda&rsquo;s cricket team.<em> *Photo by Ras Mykkal</em>
Solid: National team coach David Moore said young players like Joshua Gilbert will help forge a new identity for Bermuda’s cricket team. *Photo by Ras Mykkal

FRIDAY, FEB. 3: It’s not always all about the sport.

National team cricket coach David Moore said Bermuda’s academy programme is about helping young talent become “productive and respectable” members of the community as well as improving their game.

He spoke to the Bermuda Sun after the Bermuda Cricket Board picked up the ICC award for Best Junior Cricket Initiative.

Moore said: “I believe it’s a great award to win and it’s a great initiative from the Bermuda Cricket Board to work with our young boys and girls to take our cricket forward. This leaves us in good stead for the future.

“There’s no shortage of talented cricketers. But we not only have to educate them for life on the field but we also have to assist them off the field.

“For the life on the field it’s about assisting their game sense as they come through.”

Moore said the Under 19s are already paying dividends in the senior national team and the under 15s were not too far behind.

“We’re already seeing benefits from it.

 “With the girls development team we already have some of the Under 16 development squad progressing into the women’s national squad.

“Even though we’ve won the award, we don’t want to rest on our laurels.”

He said the BCB was forging partnerships with YouthNet and Beyond Rugby to further develop that life skills component of the national academy programmes.

He added it was crucial to develop the players as a well-rounded person — so it’s not just about cricket.

“This upcoming season we’re going to have designated life skills components and integrate the life skills and personal development. That’s why we are partnering up with YouthNet and Beyond Rugby to give them a nice rounded education.

“We know that not everyone that goes through our squads is going to play for Bermuda and even fewer are going to make it a profession out of playing so our role as a national sporting body is not only to educate these young kids in cricket but also give them assistance in personal development and make them productive and respectable members of the Bermudian community.”

He said while it was still early days for the programme, there are some outstanding individuals that are a part of it.

“I’m really excited about the types of young kids who are in our prorammes. “They bring some good qualities and they rub off on other children who are less fortunate.”

He said some of the Under 19s could make the national team for the World Twenty20 championships in April. “I don’t want to give away too much yet but I am really encouraged by the development our Under 19 players are making and the contributions to the future.”

He said some of that talent includes Kamau Leverock, Joshua Gilbert, Tre Manders, Latreef Trott, Kamal Easton and Christian Burgess among others.

“There are some very, very good young players coming through. They might not make this squad, but we are definitely seeing the benefits of quality coaching.