<strong>Kamau Leverock</strong> is a paceman alongside Justin Pitcher and Stefan Kelly. <em>*File photo by Ras Mykkal</em><br />
Kamau Leverock is a paceman alongside Justin Pitcher and Stefan Kelly. *File photo by Ras Mykkal

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 22: Coach David Moore is confident Bermuda’s cricket team will reap what they sow in next month’s ICC World T20 Qualifier.

“We have a nice balance in the team. We have a lot of options in the bowling department and a lot of strength in our batting. The majority of our fielders are very agile and catch well.

“They’re young and their exuberant. It has really positive things for us moving forward.

“The players have worked very hard moving towards the tournament so they’ll get what they deserve.

“If they work hard enough, they’ll get just rewards and, if they don’t, then they possibly won’t do as well, but obviously I’m hoping they’ll do as well as they possibly can.”

Moore said he expects the pitch to favour the spinners by the end of the tournament.

“We have three pacemen in (Justin) Pitcher, (Stefan) Kelly and (Kamau) Leverock and we have three spinners in (Sammy) Robinson, Rodney Trott and Joshua Gilbert.

“We’re anticipating that there will be opportunities for the quicks and for the spinners as well. As the tournament progresses with wear and tear on the wicket, the spinners will come into their own.”

He said Dion Stovell could also be brought in to bowl off-spin.

“If we end up having four spinners in one team, we don’t end up losing anything in the batting because Stovell is still batting well in the top order.”

Moore said that Janeiro Tucker, David Hemp and Stephen Outerbridge to bowl medium or slow-medium as a change of pace.