SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 9:20PM: Bahamas and Jamaica raked in medals tonight in the 100 metre dash races in the CARIFTA Games.

Bermuda was unable to win any more medals.

Taahira Butterfield qualified for the girls under 17 100-metre dash but failed to place.

No other Bermudian runners qualified for the final heats in the 100 metres.

Jamaica took the gold in the girls under 17 100 metres with Shauna Help placing first with a time of 11.66.

Nelda Huggins of the British Virgin Island came second with a time of 11.77 and Saqukine Cameron took bronze with a time of 11.90.

The Bahamas took gold for the boys under 17 100 metres with Cliff Resias winning the race.

The Bahamas continued with gold with Antonique Strachn winning the girls under 20 100 metres race with a time of 11.22.

Carmeisha Cox won silver right behind Strachn with a time of 11.54.

Monique Spencer of Jamaica finished in third with 11.71.

The final race saw Bahamian Jonathan Farquharson disqualified with a false start.

Jazeel Murphy of Jamaica took gold with a time of 10.31 while Jevaughn Minzie won silver 10.33 and Shane Jones of Bahamas won bronze with 10.41.  

The games start at 9am tomorrow with the 110 metres hurdles.