Victor Scott students *File photo
Victor Scott students *File photo

In an area where there has been so much violence and loss of life, many have stereotyped this area commonly referred to as ‘back of town,’ dangerous, a place to live and an unsafe place to walk through. 

Yet in the midst of that raging storm of untruths  there lies the ‘eye’ of the storm. 

A place where there is success and victory on a daily basis; a place where there is constant praise and jubilation at something as simple as a contest winner, consistent athletic achievement or scoring great marks as an institution on exams. That ‘eye’ in the midst of the raging storm is the Victor Scott Primary School,  my old alma mater.

Here at this institution tucked off the beaten path of Glebe Road, is a place where Principal Valerie Williams and her staff are forging ahead with ensuring success for their students. 

The majority of which come from the surrounding areas of St. Monica’s Road, Glebe Road, Parsons Road, Peat Lane, Edgeway Lane, Friswell’s Hill, North, Middle and South Terrace, Crosslands Lane, Crane Lane, Deepdale, Perimeter Lane, North Shore and Field View Lane to name a few.

These children come from areas that some adults dare not cross. But these, the students of Victor Scott Primary School, walk proudly to their school everyday where they are greeted by dedicated and committed teachers who make learning fun and create an institution where children can remove their masks and get down to work. 

The mask of ‘ I can’t’, the mask of ‘ I live around here’, the mask of, ‘because it is a high crime area, I can’t produce as a student’. All of these masks come off and the work begins when the school day bell rings. And, the end result is a well-rounded student, who is prepared with rigour and obtains a good measure of success on exams such as the Cambridge International Exams.

The Victor Scott School in the core subject areas scored a 3.6 in English which matched the CIE benchmark of 3.6; and surpassed the Bermuda average;  they scored a 3.3 in Science and a 3.2 in Math, which also matched or surpassed the Bermuda average and impressive by CIE standards.  

Steady growth

Over the three years of taking the Cambridge Exams, there has been steady growth, and an increase in the number of students scoring (3) and above, which is the Ministry of Education’s target goal. In English there has been a 52 per cent increase, Math 46 per cent increase and Science a 48 per cent increase.

As the Member of Parliament for the area, and one who makes frequent visits to the Victor Scott Primary School, I have had the ability to see first- hand what is happening academically at this institution. I see what goes on in the classrooms and out on the field at lunch play. This is truly a school that develops the ‘global learner’.  

The students of Victor Scott Primary School are like ‘diamonds in the rough’.  

They are molded and shaped every day, and they from P1 – P6, prove their brilliance in every facet of academia.

Despite the many challenges that the area has seen, the Victor Scott Primary School stands every day as a pillar of hope in the community. 

So, parents,  I salute you and continue to feel proud as you send your child to an institution such as this;  to the teachers I salute you, as you educate those who walk across the threshold of your classrooms every day eager to learn; Principal Williams, and Deputy Principal  Coddington, continue to lead in the manner in which we have become accustomed and hold all members of that institution to a high standard.

Let us remember, that this very school produced many of our past and present island leaders. 

Many of whom have made invaluable contributions to society in every walk of life. 

It is a school entrenched in a rich history, which can never be shaken or forgotten. 

The Victor Scott School Motto is, “ Look Up, Fight On and Win.” And, their theme this year is, “Raising the Bar, Building up a Standard.” 

With slogans such as these, it’s no wonder that every child, no matter their ability, ethnicity or diverse background, works hard to accomplish their goals. 

And of course, no school is without its set of challenges, and this school is no different. But, the work done is evident and the results undeniable.

I would encourage all Bermuda to take their proverbial ‘hats’ of to the Victor Scott Primary School and send them congratulations for a job well done.