TUESDAY, FEB. 7: HWP has arranged an educational evening entitled “HWP Love Your Car Event: Car maintenance tips for women”.

Terry Heilbron, Vice President After Sales & Business Development, will be hosting a workshop designed to show women the basic techniques of car maintenance. A local representative from the Bermuda Police Service will also be in attendance to give safety tips targeted at women, and to suggest helpful precautions that can be taken when operating your vehicle after hours.

The first “Love Your Car” event will be held on February 9th from 6 P.M. to 7 P.M. at the HWP mechanical services workshop for a small group initially and may become a regular feature in the calendar. During this hour-long session the attendees will learn how to check their oil and water levels and tyre pressure and Terry will teach them how to change a wheel.

Terry Heilbron stated, “We already do a lot of events targeted at Seniors who are members of our 60+ VIP Programme and this event seemed like a natural progression. Ladies who attend the event do not need to be current HWP customers and it is absolutely free of charge to attend. We know how much people love their cars and that people want to hold on to them for as long as possible - some basic maintenance tips will help prolong the life of their car.”

Jonathan Brewin, CEO, HWP Group added, “I am delighted that Terry is spearheading this initiative and hope that we can do more events along these lines. We are also delighted that the police will be there to support our event.”