WEDNESDAY, MAY 16: Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Diagnostic Imaging Department today is offering a new diagnostic service that provides a non-surgical option for individuals requiring colonoscopies.

CT Colonography, also known as virtual colonoscopy, is preferred for certain people because it is less invasive and does not require anaesthetic.

Dr Daniel Stovell, chief of radiology, said: “CT Colonography offers another option for people who require a colonoscopy and through choice, or for medical reasons, do not fit the criteria for surgery.

“A low dose of radiation is required for the CT scan, therefore patients should discuss which option is best for them with their referring physician.”

CT Colonography is used to screen for polyps or cancers in the large intestine.

Polyps are growths on the inner lining of the intestine. Some polyps may grow and turn into cancers. The goal of screening with CT Colonography is to find these growths in their early stages, so that they can be removed before cancer has had a chance to develop.