A UK cabbie with his BDOT branded taxi near Tower Bridge and River Thames. *Photo supplied
A UK cabbie with his BDOT branded taxi near Tower Bridge and River Thames. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7: The Bermuda Department of Tourism (BDOT) is once again adding a touch of pink to key visitor markets with a transit promotional campaign targeted to commuters and residents in London, Boston and Toronto.

BDOT’s latest UK transit campaign, running throughout the course of 2012, will begin with an iconic London double-decker bus fully wrapped in advertising designed by BDOT’s internal creative team.

The eye catching bus is fully adorned with the image of Bermuda’s signature pink sands, clear blue sea and a pair of Bermuda shorts.

The bus will showcase the message ‘Closer than you think’, website details and the ‘Feel the love’ branding on the side of the vehicle, and ‘Only seven hours from London Gatwick’ on the rear.

And for the next 12 weeks, it will be traversing London's busiest routes. Not only will it pass by some of the city’s most famous landmarks, such as Piccadilly Circus and Big Ben, but it will also be seen by millions of UK residents simply engaged in their day-to-day activities.

According to the Minister of Business Development and Tourism, the Hon. Wayne Furbert, JP, MP, the BDOT is literally taking Bermuda’s message “to the streets”.

Minister Furbert said, “This is an effective way to ensure the destination is top of mind. We are not only grabbing the attention of a strong demographic audience, but we are doing so in a very eye-catching and creative way.”

In addition to the London bus, a fleet of fully branded pink taxis targeting business commuters, leisure and shopping audiences will be seen throughout the capital city area.

Taxi drivers are acting as brand ambassadors by wearing characteristic Bermuda shorts and interacting with passengers, offering information of the branding and holiday destination while in their taxi, offering a one-to-one marketing experience with commuters.

A four-week train passenger panel campaign will also run on lines in London & the South East targeting 3.9 million individuals travelling into Central London. The train car panels are also adorned with iconic images from the Island, the ‘Feel the Love’ branding and website details.

Meanwhile, consumers in the important markets of Toronto and Boston will get their own taste of the creative transit advertising with two wrapped street cars in Toronto on the streets between now and April, and a fully wrapped trolley in Boston that is now visible to hundreds of thousands of commuters for a three-month period spanning through May.

Commuters heading into the famed Lincoln Tunnel to New York are currently greeted by a giant billboard promoting the Island while transit commuters into New York’s iconic Grand Central Terminal have seen Bermuda’s messaging on new, high profile digital boards in the main hall of the terminal as well.

A recent guerrilla effort by the BDOT featuring Bermudian food and cultural offerings engaged hundreds of thousands of commuters and visitors to the transit hub.

Minister Furbert said, “We are sending a very strong message directly to consumers. We want your business, we are nearby, we are ready to welcome you and give you the time of your life.”